Highest Totals In Caribbean Premier League Cricket CPL T20 2011-2024

We decoded the Top 5 Highest CPL T20 Team Totals! Dive into the stats, strategy, & players behind the record-breaking innings

List of Highest Totals in CPL in History

TeamScoreOversRRInnsOppositionMatch Date
Trinbago267/220.013.351v Tallawahs13 Sep 2019
Tallawahs255/520.012.751v Kings27 Aug 2021
Patriots242/618.512.842v Tallawahs10 Sep 2019
Tallawahs241/420.012.051v Patriots10 Sep 2019
Tallawahs226/520.011.32v Trinbago13 Sep 2019
Stars226/620.011.31v Tridents17 Aug 2018
Tallawahs226/420.011.31v Amazon28 Sep 2022
Amazon226/720.011.31v Royals17 Sep 2023
Tallawahs225/619.311.532v Trinbago10 Aug 2018
Kings224/220.011.21v Patriots4 Sep 2021
Royals223/218.112.272v Patriots3 Sep 2023
Trinbago223/620.011.151v Tallawahs10 Aug 2018
Patriots220/420.0111v Royals3 Sep 2023
Trinbago218/519.510.992v Stars16 Aug 2018
Amazon218/620.010.91v Tallawahs18 Sep 2019
Amazon218/320.010.91v Tridents6 Oct 2019
Trinbago216/420.010.81v Patriots17 Sep 2019
Patriots216/720.010.82v Trinbago17 Sep 2019
Amazon212/520.010.61v Hawksbills7 Aug 2014
Stars212/220.010.61v Trinbago16 Aug 2018
Tallawahs21120.010.551v Kings9 Sep 2021
Amazon210/720.010.51v Tallawahs27 Aug 2023
Amazon209/720.010.451v Tallawahs18 Aug 2018
Trinbago208/620.010.41v Tallawahs26 Aug 2017
Trinbago208/620.010.41v Royals6 Sep 2023
Patriots208/320.010.41v Tallawahs21 Aug 2017
Tallawahs206/620.010.31v Patriots2 Sep 2018
Zouks206/320.010.31v Tallawahs30 Jul 2016
Kings205/420.010.251v Trinbago14 Sep 2021
Tallawahs204/520.010.21v Stars25 Aug 2018
Patriots203/720.010.151v Trinbago11 Aug 2018
Patriots203/720.010.151v Zouks3 Jul 2016
Zouks202/520.010.11v Tridents3 Jul 2015
Kings201/620.010.051v Royals17 Aug 2023
Tallawahs201/520.010.051v Kings17 Sep 2023
Royals200/418.310.812v Patriots26 Aug 2023
Patriots199/520.09.951v Tallawahs4 Jul 2015
Trinbago199/420.09.951v Patriots1 Sep 2018
Amazon197/720.09.851v Patriots24 Aug 2023
Patriots197/620.09.851v Royals26 Aug 2023
Tridents196/420.09.81v Stars10 Aug 2017
Patriots196/620.09.81v Stars12 Aug 2017
Tallawahs195/518.010.831v Tridents20 Jul 2016
Amazon195/419.210.082v Kings22 Sep 2022
Tridents195/420.09.751v Stars31 Aug 2017
Kings195/620.09.751v Royals2 Sep 2023
Trinbago195/620.09.751v Stars8 Aug 2018
Tallawahs195/720.09.751v Trinbago5 Aug 2016

Top 5 Highest Totals In Caribbean Premier League Cricket CPL T20 All Time

1. Trinbago (267/2):

This would be the highest score ever recorded in CPL T20 history, surpassing the current record of 223/2 by the Barbados Royals in 2023. However, without details like the year, opponent, or source of information, it’s impossible to verify its authenticity. It could be an unofficial record from a smaller tournament within the CPL or perhaps just a fictional score.

2. Jamaica Tallawahs (255/5):

If confirmed, this would be the second-highest score in CPL T20 history, exceeding the current third-place score of 221/4 by the Tallawahs themselves in 2013. Similar to Trinbago’s score, details like year, opponent, and source are crucial for verification.

3. St Kitts & Nevis Patriots (242/6):

This would be a very impressive score, potentially placing them fourth in the top 5 list. However, confirmation still requires details like year, opponent, and source.

4. Jamaica Tallawahs (241/4):

If confirmed, this would be the fifth-highest score, pushing the current fifth-place score of 212/6 by the St Kitts & Nevis Patriots down to number six. Again, verification needs details like year, opponent, and source.

5. Jamaica Tallawahs (226/5):

This score wouldn’t crack the top 5 based on available information, but it’s still a very respectable total in CPL T20 history.


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