Most runs in CPL | List of Players With Most Runs Ahead Of CPL

Most runs in CPL List of players with most runs ahead of CPL

The Caribbean Premier League (CPL)LMP Simmons, Most Runs in CPL, has become a breeding ground for cricketing excellence in the Caribbean region. Each year, talented batsmen take the stage, captivating audiences with their power-hitting and stroke play. 

The Caribbean Premier League (CPL) is an exciting cricket tournament in the Caribbean. It features talented batsmen who impress with their powerful hits and amazing shots. In this article, we will look at some of the players who have scored the most runs in CPL history.

Complete List of Most Runs In CPL History 2013 To 2024

J Charles (AHwks/BR/BT/JT/SLK/STARS/ZOUKS)2013-2023106105285594*
ADS Fletcher (SLK/STARS/STKNP/ZOUKS)2013-2023108105281793*
LMP Simmons (GAW/JT/STARS/STKNP/TKR)2013-20219391262997
KA Pollard (BT/STARS/TKR)2013-20231141032574104
CH Gayle (JT/STKNP)2013-202185832519116
E Lewis (RedSt/STKNP)2014-202396932431102*
C Munro (SLK/TKR)2016-202379782353100*
CAK Walton (GAW/JT/TKR)2013-20239292202597
DM Bravo (RedSt/STKNP/TKR)2013-20229887195694*
N Pooran (BT/GAW/RedSt/TKR)2013-2023103921943102*
BA King (GAW/JT/STKNP)2017-202375701778132*
Shoaib Malik (BT/GAW)2013-20216765177481*
AD Russell (JT/TKR)2013-202397881755121*
SO Hetmyer (GAW)2016-202371671657100
DR Smith (BT/GAW/JT)2013-201965651655110*
GD Phillips (BR/JT)2017-202149481577103
D Ramdin (GAW/STKNP/TKR)2013-20219578156984
R Powell (BR/JT)2016-20238278153084
MJ Guptill (BT/GAW/STKNP/TKR)2013-202359581505100*
SD Hope (BR/BT/GAW)2015-202355541371106
RRS Cornwall (AHwks/BR/SLK/STARS/ZOUKS)2013-202367641289102*
DJ Bravo (RedSt/STKNP/TKR)2013-202310374115567
DC Thomas (AHwks/BR/STKNP)2013-20228669112671
KR Mayers (BR/BT/STARS/ZOUKS)2013-20236965111085
JO Holder (BR/BT)2013-20239277105769
RL Chase (BT/SLK/ZOUKS)2018-2023474297985
SSJ Brooks (BT/JT/STKNP)2016-20234642948109*
SE Rutherford (GAW/STKNP)2018-2023564693578
MN Samuels (AHwks/STARS/STKNP)2013-20173534923106*
F du Plessis (SLK/STKNP)2016-20233331900120*
C Hemraj (GAW/STARS)2018-20234645900105*
DJG Sammy (STARS/ZOUKS)2013-2020746489860*

Top Five Most runs in CPL List of players with most runs ahead of CPL All Time

Johnson Charles

Johnson Charles is the all-time leading run-scorer in the CPL, with 2855 runs in 106 matches. He is a powerful right-handed batsman who is known for his ability to hit big sixes. Charles has played for several different teams in the CPL, but he is most closely associated with the St. Lucia Kings, where he has spent the majority of his career.

Andre Fletcher

Andre Fletcher is another big-hitting right-handed batsman who has been a star of the CPL since its inception. He has 2817 runs in 108 matches, and he is the only player other than Charles to have scored more than 2800 runs in the tournament. Fletcher is currently playing for the St. Kitts and Nevis Patriots.

Lendl Simmons

Lendl Simmons is a stylish right-handed batsman who has been a consistent performer in the CPL. He has 2629 runs in 93 matches, and he has scored 20 or more runs in over half of his innings. Simmons is currently playing for the Trinbago Knight Riders.

Kieron Pollard

Kieron Pollard is a powerful all-rounder who is one of the most feared batsmen in the CPL. He has 2574 runs in 114 matches, and he has a strike rate of over 149. Pollard is currently playing for the Trinbago Knight Riders.

Chris Gayle

Chris Gayle is one of the greatest batsmen in T20 cricket history, and he has enjoyed a successful career in the CPL. He has 2519 runs in 85 matches, and he has scored four centuries. Gayle retired from international cricket in 2021, but he is still playing in the CPL for the St. Kitts and Nevis Patriots.

FAQ About Caribbean Premier League Cricket

Which player has most runs in CPL History?

Lendl Simmons (2855 runs) in 106 CPL matches

Who has the most sixes in CPL history?

E Lewis the most sixes in CPL history

Who scored the fastest 50 in CPL history?

 Andre Russell (14 balls) against Saint Lucia Kings (Fastest in CPL)


The CPL has witnessed some outstanding batting displays, with numerous players leaving an indelible mark on the tournament’s run-scoring charts. From the explosive power of Chris Gayle to the consistency of Lendl Simmons and the craftiness of Shoaib Malik, these batsmen have showcased their skills, entertained fans, and cemented their places among the top run-scorers in CPL history. With each new edition of the tournament, fans eagerly anticipate witnessing more breathtaking performances as these cricketing heroes continue to etch their names into the record books.


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