Highest Team Total Score in Asia Cup (ODI and T20) History 2023

The record for the Highest Team Total in an Asia Cup match is 385/7, which was set by Pakistan against Bangladesh in 2010. Pakistan’s innings was built on the back of a sensational 124 off 60 balls from Shahid Afridi, which included four sixes and 17 fours.

Umar Akmal (50 off 54 balls), Shahzaib Hasan (50 off 28 balls), Imran Farhat (66 off 77 balls), and Kamran Akmal (23 off 16 balls) all made useful contributions to Afridi’s innings. Pakistan’s bowlers then restricted Bangladesh to 246/5 in their 50 overs, giving Pakistan a win by 139 runs.

Here is a more detailed explanation of Afridi’s innings:

  • Afridi came to the crease with Pakistan at 75/2 in the 12th over. He immediately started to attack the Bangladesh bowlers, hitting boundaries and sixes at will.
  • Afridi reached his fifty off just 32 balls, and his 100 came off just 53 balls. He was eventually dismissed in the 47th over for 124, but his innings had put Pakistan in a commanding position.

Afridi’s innings were a masterclass in power hitting, and it helped Pakistan to set a record that still stands today.

Complete List of Highest Team Totals in ODI Asia Cup All-Time

TeamScoreOversRRInnsOppositionGroundMatch Date
Pakistan385/750.07.71v BangladeshDambulla21 Jun 2010
India374/450.07.481v Hong KongKarachi25 Jun 2008
Sri Lanka357/950.07.141v BangladeshLahore25 Jun 2008
India356/250.07.121v PakistanColombo (RPS)10 Sep 2023
Pakistan343/550.06.861v Hong KongColombo (SSC)18 Jul 2004
Pakistan342/650.06.841v NepalMultan30 Aug 2023
Bangladesh334/550.06.681v AfghanistanLahore3 Sep 2023
Sri Lanka332/850.06.641v BangladeshKarachi30 Jun 2008
India330/447.56.892v PakistanMirpur18 Mar 2012
Pakistan329/749.56.62v BangladeshMirpur4 Mar 2014
Pakistan329/650.06.581v IndiaMirpur18 Mar 2012
Bangladesh326/350.06.521v PakistanMirpur4 Mar 2014
Pakistan320/350.06.41v BangladeshDhaka2 Jun 2000
Pakistan319/550.06.381v BangladeshColombo (RPS)16 Jul 1997
Sri Lanka312/450.06.241v BangladeshDambulla18 Jun 2010
India310/446.56.612v Sri LankaKarachi3 Jul 2008
Pakistan309/245.36.792v IndiaKarachi2 Jul 2008
India308/750.06.161v PakistanKarachi2 Jul 2008
Sri Lanka308/850.06.161v IndiaKarachi3 Jul 2008
India304/350.06.081v Sri LankaMirpur13 Mar 2012
Sri Lanka302/750.06.041v PakistanKarachi29 Jun 2008
India301/442.17.132v PakistanKarachi26 Jun 2008
Pakistan300/950.061v IndiaColombo (RPS)25 Jul 2004
Bangladesh300/850.061v U.A.E.Lahore24 Jun 2008
Pakistan299/450.05.981v IndiaKarachi26 Jun 2008
Sri Lanka296/446.06.431v BangladeshColombo (SSC)22 Jul 1997
Sri Lanka296/650.05.921v PakistanFatullah25 Feb 2014
Pakistan295/750.05.91v IndiaDhaka3 Jun 2000
Bangladesh293/549.25.932v IndiaMirpur16 Mar 2012
Sri Lanka291/850.05.821v AfghanistanLahore5 Sep 2023
Sri Lanka290/950.05.81v U.A.E.Lahore26 Jun 2008
Afghanistan28937.47.672v Sri LankaLahore5 Sep 2023
India289/550.05.781v BangladeshMirpur16 Mar 2012
Pakistan288/950.05.761v Hong KongKarachi24 Jun 2008
India285/750.05.71v Hong KongDubai (DSC)18 Sep 2018
India284/343.26.552v BangladeshKarachi28 Jun 2008
Pakistan284/345.06.311v BangladeshChattogram29 Oct 1988
Pakistan28448.55.812v Sri LankaFatullah25 Feb 2014
Bangladesh283/650.05.661v IndiaKarachi28 Jun 2008
Sri Lanka282/450.05.641v IndiaDambulla18 Jul 2004
India280/449.05.712v BangladeshFatullah26 Feb 2014
Bangladesh279/750.05.581v IndiaFatullah26 Feb 2014
Pakistan277/450.05.541v Sri LankaDhaka7 Jun 2000
Sri Lanka276/850.05.521v IndiaDhaka1 Jun 2000
Sri Lanka27349.55.471v IndiaKarachi6 Jul 2008
Sri Lanka271/645.06.021v IndiaDhaka29 Oct 1988
India271/749.55.432v PakistanDambulla19 Jun 2010
India271/650.05.421v Sri LankaColombo (RPS)27 Jul 2004
India270/850.05.42v Sri LankaDambulla18 Jul 2004
India268/650.05.361v Sri LankaDambulla24 Jun 2010
Pakistan26749.35.391v IndiaDambulla19 Jun 2010
Sri Lanka267/950.05.342v IndiaColombo (RPS)27 Jul 2004
India26648.55.441v PakistanPallekele2 Sep 2023
Pakistan266/950.05.321v IndiaSharjah7 Apr 1995
Sri Lanka265/849.25.372v IndiaFatullah28 Feb 2014
Bangladesh265/850.05.31v IndiaColombo (RPS)15 Sep 2023
India264/950.05.281v Sri LankaFatullah28 Feb 2014
Pakistan262/850.05.241v BangladeshMirpur11 Mar 2012
Sri Lanka261/546.25.632v PakistanMirpur8 Mar 2014
Bangladesh26149.35.271v Sri LankaDubai (DSC)15 Sep 2018
India260/650.05.21v U.A.E.Dambulla16 Jul 2004
Pakistan260/550.05.21v Sri LankaMirpur8 Mar 2014
India25949.55.192v BangladeshColombo (RPS)15 Sep 2023
Hong Kong259/850.05.182v IndiaDubai (DSC)18 Sep 2018
Pakistan258/749.35.212v AfghanistanAbu Dhabi21 Sep 2018
Pakistan257/650.05.141v BangladeshColombo (SSC)17 Jul 2004
Afghanistan257/650.05.141v PakistanAbu Dhabi21 Sep 2018
Sri Lanka257/950.05.141v BangladeshColombo (RPS)9 Sep 2023
Afghanistan255/750.05.11v BangladeshAbu Dhabi20 Sep 2018
India25444.05.772v Sri LankaDhaka29 Oct 1988
Sri Lanka25445.15.622v IndiaMirpur13 Mar 2012
Afghanistan254/650.05.081v BangladeshFatullah1 Mar 2014
Sri Lanka253/650.05.061v AfghanistanMirpur3 Mar 2014
India252/240.16.272v BangladeshDhaka30 May 2000
Pakistan252/742.061v Sri LankaColombo (RPS)14 Sep 2023
Sri Lanka252/842.062v PakistanColombo (RPS)14 Sep 2023
India25249.55.052v AfghanistanDubai (DSC)25 Sep 2018
Afghanistan252/850.05.041v IndiaDubai (DSC)25 Sep 2018
India25147.45.262v PakistanDhaka3 Jun 2000
Sri Lanka249/445.05.531v BangladeshEden Gardens31 Dec 1990
Pakistan249/949.45.012v IndiaMirpur2 Mar 2014
Bangladesh249/650.04.981v IndiaDhaka30 May 2000
Afghanistan24950.04.981v Sri LankaAbu Dhabi17 Sep 2018
Bangladesh249/750.04.981v AfghanistanAbu Dhabi23 Sep 2018
Pakistan248/850.04.961v AfghanistanFatullah27 Feb 2014
Bangladesh246/550.04.922v PakistanDambulla21 Jun 2010
Afghanistan246/750.04.922v BangladeshAbu Dhabi23 Sep 2018
Afghanistan24544.35.52v BangladeshLahore3 Sep 2023
India245/850.04.91v PakistanMirpur2 Mar 2014
Sri Lanka242/950.04.841v PakistanDambulla15 Jun 2010
Bangladesh24148.152v PakistanMirpur11 Mar 2012
India241/850.04.822v PakistanColombo (RPS)25 Jul 2004
Sri Lanka240/236.56.512v IndiaColombo (RPS)26 Jul 1997
Bangladesh23948.54.891v PakistanAbu Dhabi26 Sep 2018
Sri Lanka23949.54.791v PakistanColombo (RPS)14 Jul 1997
India239/750.04.781v Sri LankaColombo (RPS)26 Jul 1997
Sri Lanka23950.04.781v U.A.E.Dambulla17 Jul 2004
India238/139.36.022v PakistanDubai (DSC)23 Sep 2018
Sri Lanka23845.25.252v PakistanDhaka7 Jun 2000
Pakistan238/950.04.762v Sri LankaKarachi29 Jun 2008

Top 5 Highest Team Totals in ODI Asia Cup All-Time

These are the top 5 highest team totals in ODI Asia Cup all-time for Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. These totals are a testament to the high-scoring nature of the Asia Cup, and they show that the teams in this tournament are capable of scoring big runs.

1. 385/7 (50 overs) – Pakistan vs Bangladesh, Asia Cup 2010

This was the highest team total in ODI Asia Cup history for a long time. Pakistan batted first and scored 385/7 in 50 overs, thanks to a brilliant century from Shahid Afridi. Bangladesh could only manage 246 in reply, and Pakistan won the match by a huge margin of 139 runs.

2. 374/4 (50 overs) – India vs Hong Kong, Asia Cup 2008

India scored 374/4 in 50 overs against Sri Lanka in the 1998 Asia Cup. Navjot Singh Sidhu and Sourav Ganguly scored centuries, while Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid also made significant contributions. Hong Kong could only manage 118 in reply, and India won the match by 256 runs.

3. 357/9 (50 overs) – Sri Lanka vs Bangladesh, Asia Cup 2008

Sri Lanka scored 357/9 in 50 overs against Bangladesh in the 2008 Asia Cup. Kumar Sangakkara scored a brilliant century, while Mahela Jayawardene and Angelo Mathews also made significant contributions. Bangladesh could only manage 226 in reply, and Sri Lanka won the match by 131 runs.

4. 343/5 (50 overs) – Pakistan vs Hong Kong, Asia Cup 2004

Pakistan scored 343/5 in 50 overs against Bangladesh in the 2004 Asia Cup. Misbah-ul-Haq scored a brilliant century, while Younis Khan and Umar Akmal also made significant contributions. Hong Kong could only manage 165 in reply, and Pakistan won the match by 178 runs.

5. 342/6 (50 overs) – Pakistan vs Nepal, Asia Cup 2023

Pakistan scored 342/6 in 50 overs against nepal in the 2023 Asia Cup. Babar Azam Dilshan scored a brilliant century, while Iftikhar Ahmed and Mohammad Rizwan also made significant contributions. Nepal could only manage 104 in reply, and Pakistan won the match by 238 runs.

Frequently Asked Questions (Asia Cup)

Which team has highest score in Asia Cup?

Pakistan has the highest score in Asia Cup history. They scored 387/7 in 50 overs against Bangladesh in the 2010 Asia Cup. Shahid Afridi scored a brilliant century in that innings.

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