Highest Team Scores in PSL from 2008 to 2024

The Highest Team Scores in Pakistan Super League history was set by the Multan Sultan, with a massive 262/3 in a single innings. 

List of Highest Innings Scores in PSL All Time History

TeamScoreOversRRInnsOppositionMatch Date
Sultans262/320.013.11v Gladiators11 Mar 2023
Gladiators253/820.012.652v Sultans11 Mar 2023
United247/220.012.351v Zalmi17 Jun 2021
Sultans245/320.012.251v Gladiators18 Feb 2022
Sultans244/619.112.732v Zalmi10 Mar 2023
Gladiators243/218.213.252v Zalmi8 Mar 2023
Zalmi242/620.012.11v Sultans10 Mar 2023
Qalandars241/320.012.051v Zalmi26 Feb 2023
Zalmi240/220.0121v Gladiators8 Mar 2023
United238/320.011.91v Qalandars9 Mar 2019
Zalmi232/620.011.62v United17 Jun 2021
United229/420.011.451v Gladiators3 Feb 2022
Qalandars226/520.011.31v United9 Mar 2023
Sultans222/320.011.11v Zalmi5 Feb 2022
United220/620.0111v Gladiators24 Feb 2023
Sultans217/520.010.851v United1 Feb 2022
Zalmi214/520.010.71v United15 Mar 2019
Sultans210/320.010.51v Zalmi17 Feb 2023
Sultans209/519.410.622v Qalandars29 Jan 2022
United209/819.510.532v Sultans7 Mar 2023
Qalandars209/520.010.451v Gladiators3 Mar 2020
Gladiators207/319.310.612v Qalandars7 Feb 2022
Zalmi20719.310.611v Qalandars7 Mar 2023
Qalandars206/520.010.31v Sultans29 Jan 2022
Zalmi206/820.010.31v United17 Feb 2022
Sultans206/420.010.31v Zalmi24 Jun 2021
Sultans205/520.010.251v United7 Mar 2023


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