Most Run In Pakistan Super League History 2013-2024

PSL Most Runs Batsmen Get the latest PSL player list with total runs in the Pakistan Super League from 2013 to 2024.

The Pakistan Super League (PSL) has quickly become one of the most popular cricket leagues in the world, and its batsmen have produced some of the most memorable innings in recent memory.

Among the various aspects that make the PSL stand out is the remarkable run-scoring prowess of its batsmen.

Batsmen With The Most Runs In PSL History

Babar Azam (IU/KK/PZ)2016-20237977293511543.80124.84
Fakhar Zaman (LQ)2017-20237676236811531.57142.30
Shoaib Malik (KK/MS/PZ)2016-2023817720827333.58129.71
Mohammad Rizwan (KK/LQ/MS)2016-202371601996110*43.39128.60
Kamran Akmal (PZ)2016-202275741972107*27.38136.94
RR Rossouw (MS/QG)2017-20237470186712134.57146.54
Mohammad Hafeez (LQ/PZ/QG)2016-20237874173198*27.47124.44
Sarfaraz Ahmed (QG)2016-2023806815038131.31123.80
SR Watson (IU/QG)2016-20204646136191*32.40138.59
Shan Masood (MS)2019-2023434213188831.38133.94
Asif Ali (IU)2016-2023766611307522.60157.60
Sharjeel Khan (IU/KK)2016-20234948112711724.50140.00
C Munro (IU/KK)2019-20233737109190*33.06154.53
Imad Wasim (KK)2016-20237863108692*27.15140.85
Ahmed Shehzad (MS/QG)2016-2020454310779926.26120.06
Sohaib Maqsood (IU/LQ/MS/PZ)2016-20234543104585*29.85129.01
AD Hales (IU/KK)2018-20233432103282*34.40143.73
Umar Akmal (LQ/QG)2016-2023434010299330.26144.31
L Ronchi (IU)2018-20203131102094*36.42166.12
JJ Roy (LQ/QG)2017-202328281007145*40.28147.87
Hussain Talat (IU/LQ/PZ)2017-202360499576322.78121.29
JM Vince (KK/MS/QG)2016-202336369528428.00140.62
Shadab Khan (IU)2017-202372589359118.33138.31
Azam Khan (IU/QG)2019-202342409149725.38141.92
KA Pollard (KK/MS/PZ)2017-202344409107336.40165.45
CS DeKlport (IU/KK/LQ/QG)2016-20213938873117*24.25126.88
CA Ingram (IU/KK)2018-20213735819127*30.33146.77
Sohail Akhtar (LQ)2018-202244428087524.48123.17
Iftikhar Ahmed (IU/KK/PZ/QG)2016-2023585077771*19.92120.27
RS Bopara (KK/MS/PZ)2016-2021393677571*28.70117.78
Mohammad Nawaz (QG)2016-202376587285217.33113.21
Faheem Ashraf (IU)2018-202360477035524.24147.07
DR Smith (IU/PZ/QG)2016-201928257017333.38114.72
DJG Sammy (PZ)2016-202049396914825.59146.39
Haider Ali (KK/PZ)2020-202334346666922.20132.93
Khushdil Shah (MS/PZ)2017-2023493962570*26.04142.36
KC Sangakkara (KK/MS/QG)2016-201824236136527.86126.39
KP Pietersen (QG)2016-2018272561188*26.56139.17
Tamim Iqbal (LQ/PZ)2016-2020202060580*37.81113.08
TH David (LQ/MS)2021-202322226057143.21179.52
BR Dunk (KK/LQ)2019-2022302759699*27.09144.66
D Wiese (KK/LQ)2018-2023494256748*23.62157.50
Imam-ul-Haq (PZ)2019-202122225425924.63124.31

Top 5 Players With PSL T20 Most Runs Series All Time 2016-2024

Babar Azam(IU/KK/PZ)

Babar Azam reigns supreme as the undisputed king of PSL run-scoring. With a staggering 2,935 runs in 88 matches, Azam has established himself as a run-scoring machine, leaving his mark on the league’s record books. His elegant strokeplay, combined with his ability to score runs quickly, has made him a force to be reckoned with. Azam’s consistency is remarkable, as he has never scored less than 300 runs in a single season of the PSL.

Fakhar Zaman(LQ)

Fakhar Zaman, the left-handed batsman, has established himself as a force to be reckoned with, amassing 1,972 runs in 77 matches. Zaman’s hard-hitting ability and aggressive batting approach have made him a nightmare for opposition bowlers. His fearless style of play has earned him a reputation as one of the PSL’s most exciting batsmen.

Shoaib Malik(KK/MS/PZ)

Shoaib Malik, the right-handed all-rounder, occupies the third spot on the list with 2,082 runs in 81 matches. Malik’s versatility, demonstrated through his batting, bowling, and fielding abilities, has made him an invaluable asset to his teams. His consistent contributions have ensured his place among the PSL’s top run-scorers.

Mohammad Rizwan (KK/LQ/MS)

Mohammad Rizwan the right handed bastaman fourth postion in the psl. He scores the 1996 run in 71 matches

Kamran Akmal(PZ)

Kamran Akmal, the left-handed wicketkeeper-batsman, holds the fifth position in the PSL’s all-time run-scoring list, accumulating 2,329 runs in 75 matches. Akmal’s aggressive batting style and vast experience, gained from playing over 200 T20 matches, have made him a formidable presence on the field.


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