Highest Individual Score In The Hundred Cricket League All Season

Highest Individual Score In The Hundred Cricket League All Season

Uncapped The 100-ball League’s all-time leader in Highest Individual Score is England cricketer Will Jacks.

Will Jacks scored an unbroken 108 runs off just 48 balls while opening the batting for his team Invincibles in the 100-ball League 2022 against the reigning champions Brave at the The Oval.

Smeed became the second player to record a hundred runs in the 100-ball competition during his record-breaking innings. Eight fours and six sixes were sprinkled throughout the cricket player from Cambridge’s excellent innings.

Birmingham reached 176/4 in their allotted 100 balls thanks to Smeed’s century. As a response, Southampton was bowled out for 123, giving the hosts a 53-run victory in the game.

Liam Livingstone of England’s cricket team, who hit an unbroken 92 off just 40 balls for Birmingham versus Leeds during the first season of the 100-ball League in 2021, was eclipsed by the daring right-handed batter.

Liam Livingstone, an international for England, has the second-highest personal total in the 100-ball League.

As Birmingham needed to chase down a total of 144 against Leeds in the 2021 edition, Livingstone struck an unbeaten 92 off just 40 balls to assist Birmingham.

The blitzkrieg inning by Livingstone featured 10 maximums and three fours. Birmingham won convincingly by eight wickets thanks to the knock.

David Malan, an English cricketer, ranks third among those who have scored the most points individually in the 100-ball League.

The flashy southpaw made 88 runs against the Leeds franchise while playing for the Nottingham team in the 2022 tournament.

Complete List of 100 balls Highest Individual Score In history 2021-2024

PlayerRunsMinsBallsSRTeamOppositionMatch Date
WG Jacks108*48225.00Invinciblesv Brave14 Aug 2022
HC Brook105*5542250.00N S-Chargersv Fire22 Aug 2023
WCF Smeed101*50202.00Phoenixv Brave10 Aug 2022
DJ Malan98*44222.72Rocketsv Originals13 Aug 2022
DW Lawrence935249189.79Spiritv Rockets12 Aug 2023
LS Livingstone92*4940230.00Phoenixv N S-Chargers17 Aug 2021
DJ Malan88*49179.59Rocketsv N S-Chargers09 Aug 2022
PD Salt863032268.75Originalsv Rockets17 Aug 2023
J Overton83*3430276.66Originalsv N S-Chargers13 Aug 2023
JC Buttler826546178.26Originalsv Brave26 Aug 2023
DJ Willey81*5545180.00N S-Chargersv Spirit03 Aug 2021
CA Ingram81*5543188.37Invinciblesv Phoenix04 Aug 2021
WG Jacks8145180.00Invinciblesv Fire07 Aug 2022
MS Wade816342192.85Phoenixv Spirit30 Aug 2022
T Banton816343188.37N S-Chargersv Invincibles11 Aug 2023
GD Phillips804335228.57Firev Spirit18 Aug 2021
A Lyth795233239.39N S-Chargersv Invincibles11 Aug 2022
SW Billings76*4740190.00Invinciblesv Rockets21 Aug 2023
JC Buttler756247159.57Originalsv N S-Chargers20 Aug 2023
PR Stirling74*6442176.19Bravev Fire22 Aug 2022
JM Cox73*6938192.10Invinciblesv N S-Chargers11 Aug 2023
MW Short733936202.77N S-Chargersv Brave06 Aug 2023
Q de Kock72*7645160.00Bravev N S-Chargers07 Aug 2021
JE Root72*6535205.71Rocketsv Spirit12 Aug 2023
JM Bairstow726739184.61Firev Brave27 Jul 2021
JP Inglis727045160.00Spiritv Fire18 Aug 2021
LJ Evans723734211.76Originalsv Spirit02 Sep 2022
JA Simpson71*2928253.57N S-Chargersv Originals12 Aug 2021
JM Vince71*41173.17Bravev Fire03 Aug 2022
T Kohler-Cadmore716744161.36N S-Chargersv Phoenix17 Aug 2021
PD Salt70*46152.17Originalsv Rockets13 Aug 2022
CJ Jordan70*3332218.75Bravev Fire04 Aug 2023
DJM Short69*6847146.80Rocketsv Spirit29 Jul 2021
JM Clarke69*6946150.00Firev Invincibles06 Aug 2023

Frequently Asked Questions About The Hundred League

Who has the second-highest individual score in the 100-ball League?

The second-highest individual score in the 100-ball League is 108*, scored by Will Jacks of the Oval Invincibles against the Southern Brave in the 2022 season.
Jacks is a young English all-rounder who is considered to be one of the most exciting players in the game. He is known for his aggressive batting style and his ability to hit the ball long.
Jacks’ 108* was a match-winning innings, and it helped the Oval Invincibles to win the match by 8 wickets. He hit 8 sixes and 4 fours off just 48 balls.
Jacks is a very talented player, and he is expected to have a long and successful career in cricket. He is one of the players to watch in the Hundred Cricket League in the coming years.

What is the highest score in The Hundred League?

The highest score in The Hundred League is 208-5, scored by the Manchester Originals against the Northern Superchargers in 2022. The Originals batted first and put up a mammoth total, thanks to half-centuries from Liam Livingstone, Phil Salt, and Colin Munro.
The Superchargers were never really in the chase, and they were bowled out for 180 in 19.3 overs. The Originals won the match by 28 runs, and it was the highest team total in the history of The Hundred League.
The Hundred League is a new and exciting tournament, and it has already produced some impressive individual and team performances. It will be interesting to see how the tournament develops in the coming years.

What is the lowest score in The Hundred?

The Phoenix, who lost to the Manchester Originals by six wickets at the end of July, scored the lowest total, an unwelcome honor, with just 87 runs. With 226 from 164 balls in seven innings, Welsh Fire’s Ben Duckett now holds the record for the most runs scored in the competition.


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