Highest Individual Score in Caribbean Premier League CPL Cricket T20 In History

Highest Individual Score in CPL Cricket T20 In History

Highest Individual Score in Caribbean Premier League CPL Cricket T20 In History. Brandon King  is top of the list in CPLt20 Then Andre Russell , Faf du Russel, Chris Gayle,

In the CPL, scoring a century in the limited T20 format is a rarity due to the restricted time. However, openers or top-order batsmen have a better chance to achieve this feat as they face more deliveries.

Players like Chris Gayle, Andre Russell, and Brendon McCullum, who enjoy playing aggressively, have left their mark in the CPL.

Complete List of Highest Individual Score in CPL Cricket T20 In All Time

PlayerRunsBalls4s6sTeamOppositionMatch Date
BA King132*721011Amazonv Tridents06 Oct 2019
AD Russell121*49613Tallawahsv Trinbago10 Aug 2018
F du Plessis120*60135Kingsv Patriots04 Sep 2021
AD Hales119*57127Tallawahsv Kings17 Sep 2023
CH Gayle11662710Tallawahsv Patriots10 Sep 2019
CH Gayle111*63510Tallawahsv Zouks12 Jul 2014
DR Smith110*6978Tridentsv Zouks23 Jul 2014
SSJ Brooks109*5278Tallawahsv Amazon28 Sep 2022
CH Gayle108*54611Tallawahsv Trinbago04 Jul 2016
MN Samuels106*52108Hawksbillsv Amazon07 Aug 2014
SD Hope1064498Amazonv Royals17 Sep 2023
C Hemraj105*56145Amazonv Royals04 Sep 2021
CH Gayle1055769Tallawahsv Red Steel09 Jul 2015
DR Smith104*6786Tridentsv Amazon26 Jul 2014
KA Pollard1045468Starsv Tridents17 Aug 2018
BA King1046687Tallawahsv Amazon21 Sep 2022
DR Smith103*6558Tridentsv Stars31 Aug 2017
GD Phillips1036396Tallawahsv Patriots12 Sep 2018
F du Plessis10359106Kingsv Amazon22 Sep 2022
E Lewis102*52511Patriotsv Trinbago11 Sep 2021
RRS Cornwall102*48412Royalsv Patriots03 Sep 2023
N Pooran102*53510Trinbagov Royals06 Sep 2023
C Munro100*6576Trinbagov Amazon02 Jul 2016
N Pooran100*45410Amazonv Patriots30 Aug 2020
MJ Guptill100*5819Trinbagov Royals30 Aug 2023
AD Russell10044311Tallawahsv Trinbago05 Aug 2016
DR Smith10070105Tridentsv Amazon20 Aug 2017
SO Hetmyer10049115Amazonv Tallawahs18 Aug 2018
E Lewis97*32611Patriotsv Tridents03 Sep 2017
LMP Simmons976058Amazonv Zouks10 Aug 2014
CAK Walton975495Tallawahsv Tridents20 Jul 2016
C Munro96*5068Trinbagov Tallawahs13 Sep 2019
LMP Simmons966376Trinbagov Patriots02 Sep 2020
J Charles94*5257Zouksv Amazon24 Jul 2016
DM Bravo94*36610Trinbagov Stars16 Aug 2018
ADS Fletcher93*6465Patriotsv Kings09 Sep 2023
CH Gayle934758Patriotsv Trinbago23 Aug 2017
E Lewis925257Patriotsv Stars12 Aug 2017
CAK Walton925776Amazonv Tridents20 Aug 2017
BB McCullum916256Trinbagov Tallawahs26 Aug 2017
RRS Cornwall9154211Royalsv Amazon27 Sep 2022
KJ O’Brien90*4957Red Steelv Hawksbills20 Jul 2014
CH Gayle90*3669Tallawahsv Zouks28 Jun 2015

Here are the Top 5 Highest Individual Scores In CPL Cricket 2013-2024

Brandon King 

Guyana Amazon Warriors scored 132* against the Barbados Tridents in 2019. He faced 72 balls and hit 11 fours and 11 sixes. This is the highest individual score in CPL cricket history.

Andre Russell

Andre Russell, another player from the Jamaica Tallawahs, holds the second-highest individual score in CPL. He achieved this milestone in 2018 with an unbeaten innings of 121 runs.

Russell’s knock came off just 49 balls and included 6 fours and 13 sixes. His powerful hitting and ability to clear the boundaries made it a remarkable innings.

Faf du Plessis

(St. Lucia Kings) scored 120* against the St. Kitts & Nevis Patriots in 2021. He faced 60 balls and hit 13 fours and 5 Sixes.

Alex Hales

Alex Hales Scored 119* against St. Lucia Kings in 2023. HE faced 57 balls and hit 12 fours and 7 sixes in the match

Chris Gayle

(West Indies) scored 116* against the Jamaica Tallawahs in 2013. He faced 62 balls and hit 10 fours and 6 sixes.


Who has the highest individual score in CPL?

Brandon King holds the record for the highest individual score in the Caribbean Premier League (CPL), with an unbeaten 132* scored against the Barbados Tridents in 2019. He faced 72 balls and hit 11 fours and 11 sixes. This is the highest individual score in CPL cricket history.

Who is the No 1 batsman in CPL?

Lendl Simmons is the number 1 batsman in the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) as of March 8, 2023. He has scored 2629 runs in 93 matches, with an average of 31.67 and a strike rate of 119.71. He has also hit 20 centuries and 11 half-centuries in the CPL.


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