Lanka Premier League All Team Sponsors 2023 In Cricket

Lanka Premier League All Team Sponsors In Cricket

Lanka Premier League Tittle Sponsors, Official Partners, Snack Sponsors or Official Sponsors 2023 complete Detail in sports324

The Lanka Premier League (LPL) has cemented its status as a thrilling and highly anticipated T20 cricket tournament in Sri Lanka.

Alongside the roaring enthusiasm of cricket fans, the success of any sporting event often hinges on the support of its sponsors.

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As the LPL gears up for its 2023 edition, it welcomes a remarkable lineup of sponsors, whose partnership will undoubtedly elevate the tournament to new heights of excitement and grandeur.

Sri Lanka Premier League ALL Sponsor In 2023

LPL Sponsor 2023Sponsor Name
Tittle SponsorMaza Play
Official PartnersNippon Paint
Toyam Sports Limited
Shanker Sports News
Official Ticketing PartnersDaraz
Official Snack PartnersCBL Munchee
Official League PartnerDaraz
Present BySKYexch
Powered By1xbat
Fair Play News

Title Sponsor:

The LPL 2023 Mazaplay proudly announces the association with its esteemed title sponsor. The identity of the title sponsor for this season is yet to be unveiled, but past editions have seen prestigious brands stepping into this coveted role, adding a significant contribution to the tournament’s overall appeal.

Official Partners:

Complementing the title sponsor, a host of official partners are daraz or Bjsports lend their invaluable support to the LPL 2023. These partners play pivotal roles across various aspects of the tournament, ensuring a seamless and captivating experience for all stakeholders.

Official Telecommunication Partner:

The official telecommunication partner assumes a vital role in connecting cricket enthusiasts and providing real-time updates. With their cutting-edge technology and dependable services, they enable fans to stay connected and stay abreast of the latest developments throughout the tournament.

Official Banking Partner:

The official banking partner plays a crucial role in managing the financial transactions of the tournament. By providing tailored solutions, they facilitate the smooth functioning of financial operations, ensuring transparency and efficiency in all monetary aspects related to the event.

Official Automobile Partner:

The official automobile partner extends its support by providing a fleet of vehicles to cater to the transportation needs of players, officials, and VIP guests. Their association guarantees convenient and comfortable travel for all involved, enhancing the overall experience of the tournament.

Official Beverage Partner:

The official beverage partner adds a refreshing touch to the LPL 2023, ensuring players and spectators remain energized throughout the matches. Their high-quality and invigorating beverages offer a delightful respite, keeping fans hydrated and invigorated amidst the intense cricketing action.

Official Media Partner:

The official media partner assumes the critical role of broadcasting and disseminating the LPL matches to a vast audience. Through their media platforms and extensive coverage, they bring the excitement of the tournament to fans around the world, allowing them to witness the thrilling action from the comfort of their homes.

Official Digital Media Partner:

The official digital media partner harnesses the power of digital platforms to provide comprehensive coverage and engage fans. Through captivating content and interactive experiences, they create a robust online presence for the tournament, captivating audiences and amplifying the excitement across various digital channels.

Official Ticketing Partner:

The official ticketing partner are Daraz handles the distribution and management of tickets for the LPL matches. They ensure a seamless and efficient ticketing experience, allowing fans to secure their seats and be part of the live action in the stadiums, witnessing cricketing greatness firsthand.

FAQ About LPL Sponsors

Who are the sponsors of the Lanka Premier League list?

LPL Sponsor 2023

Tittle Sponsor
Maza Play

Official Partners
Nippon Paint
Toyam Sports Limited
Shanker Sports News

Official Ticketing Partners

Official Snack Partners
CBL Munchee

Official League Partner

Present By

Powered By
Fair Play News


As anticipation builds for the Lanka Premier League 2023, the tournament’s success is firmly anchored in the unwavering support of its sponsors.

Their contributions bolster the tournament’s infrastructure, elevate fan experiences, and pave the way for its continued growth and popularity.

With the participation of these esteemed sponsors, the LPL 2023 promises to be an electrifying cricketing extravaganza, etching itself into the annals of sporting history.

Cricket enthusiasts eagerly await the riveting matches, knowing that the presence of these remarkable sponsors amplifies the grandeur and prestige of the Lanka Premier League, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all involved.


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