Best Bowling Strike Rate in The Hundred Cricket League In History

Best Bowling Strike Rate in The Hundred Cricket League In History

Tom Lammonby holds the record for the Best Bowling Strike Rates 100-ball cricket League. Cricket stats for The Hundred Mens Competition, 2023 season, full stats for bowling.

The Hundred Cricket League has brought an exhilarating twist to the game of cricket since its inception. With its unique format of 100 balls per side, the tournament has provided bowlers with a platform to showcase their skills and make a significant impact.

In this article, we delve into the best bowling strike rates in The Hundred’s history, celebrating the exceptional achievements of some of the game’s most lethal bowlers.

Best Strike Rates Records in The Hundred Men’s Competition All Time

TA Lammonby 2021-2022111.0815.00
AJ Turner 2022-202251.0715.00
JB Little 2022-2022516.4104136.46
Wahab Riaz2021-202226.04547.50
ST Finn 2021-2021511.011169.16
PI Walter2022-20221027.0160149.64
M de Lange 2021-2021723.4157129.91
KW Richardson 2022-2022726.01711310.00
RF Higgins 2021-2022512.073610.00
WD Parnell 2022-202228.041410.00
BA Stokes2021-202126.032310.00
A Lyth2021-2022134.023210.00
BTJ Wheal2021-2022620.31451010.30
AF Milne 2021-2021827.01291211.25
BA Raine2021-2022822.31891011.30
JDS Neesham 2021-2021716.0121711.42
Mohammad Hasnain 2022-2022514.0130611.66
TG Helm 2021-20221544.43651911.78
DW Lawrence 2021-2022911.476511.80
JA Thompson 2021-20221233.12531411.85
BC Cullen2021-2021824.02041012.00
SJ Cook2021-20221036.12421512.06
GJ Maxwell 2022-202245.016212.50
SJ Mullaney 2021-202165.031212.50

Top Five best Bowling Strike Rates Players in the 100 Balls Cricket League

Tom Lammonby – Strike Rate: 5.00

Tom Lammonby, the England Allrounder, has established himself as a force to be reckoned with in The Hundred. With a remarkable strike rate of 5.00, Lammonby has consistently troubled batsmen with his array of variations and exceptional control.

Ashton Turner – Strike Rate: 5.00:

Ashton Turner, another talented Australia PLAYERS , has left a lasting impact in The Hundred with his exceptional bowling performances. With a strike rate of 5.00.

Josh Little – Strike Rate: 6.46:

Josh Little, the Ireland bowler, has emerged as a formidable force in The Hundred. Known for his express pace and ability to generate bounce, Archer consistently troubles batsmen with his hostile bowling. With a strike rate of 6.46.

Wahab Riaz – Strike Rate: 7.50:

Wahab Riaz, the Pakistani speedster, has made a significant impact in The Hundred with his raw pace and ability to deliver lethal yorkers.

With a strike rate of 7.50, Wahab Riaz strikes fear into the hearts of batsmen, using his sheer speed and accurate bowling to dismantle batting line-ups. His ability to generate late swing and execute pinpoint yorkers makes him a valuable asset for his team.

FAQ About Bowling Strike Rates Players in the hundred cricket League

Which player highest bowling strike rate in the hundred cricket league?

Tom Lammonby – highest Strike Rate: 5.00 in the the hundred cricket history.


The Hundred Cricket League has witnessed remarkable bowling performances, with bowlers making a significant impact with their exceptional strike rates. Wahab Riaz,Ashton Turner, Josh Little, Tom Lammonby, and ST Finn have consistently showcased their skills and prowess, providing crucial breakthroughs and maintaining control over the game.


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