Best Batting Average In the Hundred Cricket League All Time

The Hundred Cricket League is a relatively new professional Twenty20 league that consists of eight franchises from England and Wales.

Batting average is one of the most closely monitored statistics in the league, as it measures a batsman’s average runs scored per innings.

A higher batting average indicates a more successful performance, as the batsman scores more runs per innings.

To calculate a batsman’s batting average, the total number of runs scored is divided by the number of innings played.

The Hundred Cricket League boasts some of the best T20 players in the world, and as of the 2022 season,

The Top Four batsmen with the best batting averages in the league are:

LS Livingstone 47.36

Liam Livingstone from England Batting Allrounder, he played from (Birmingham Phoenix (Men)) The hundred cricket league top of the list.

Dawid Malan – 39.40

Dawid Malan, the top-ranked T20I batsman in the world, is Second with an average of 39.40

Colin Munro – 37.10

Colin Munro, a hard-hitting New Zealand batsman, is Third on the list with a batting average of 37.10.

Lewis Gregory 34.50

L Gregory England allrounder is forth on the list with batting average of 34.50

Complete List of Highest Batting Average in100 Ball Cricket History

LS Livingstone(Birmingham Phoenix (Men))151552192*47.36
DJ Malan(Trent Rockets (Men))181859198*39.40
C Munro(Manchester Originals (Men), Trent Rockets (Men))161537167*37.10
L Gregory(Trent Rockets (Men))181520735*34.50
HC Brook(Northern Superchargers (Men))11112746234.25
TK Curran(Oval Invincibles (Men))161119834*33.00
WG Jacks(Oval Invincibles (Men))1514407108*31.30
BM Duckett(Welsh Fire (Men))16164526530.13
PD Salt(Manchester Originals (Men))171747570*29.68
LJ Evans(Manchester Originals (Men), Oval Invincibles (Men))18162957229.50
WCF Smeed(Birmingham Phoenix (Men))1414345101*28.75
RA Whiteley(Southern Brave (Men))18132835228.30
AL Davies(Southern Brave (Men))181635751*27.46
MM Ali(Birmingham Phoenix (Men))15153975926.46
JL du Plooy(Welsh Fire (Men))10102374326.33
AD Hales(Trent Rockets (Men))18184445926.11
A Lyth(Northern Superchargers (Men))13133397926.07
JM Vince(Southern Brave (Men))181636571*26.07
SR Patel(Trent Rockets (Men))181122246*24.66
Q de Kock(Southern Brave (Men))161531772*24.38
MAH Hammond(Birmingham Phoenix (Men))161423244*23.20
JA Simpson(Northern Superchargers (Men))111018371*22.87
JJ Roy(Oval Invincibles (Men))141323756*21.54

FAQ About The Hundred

What is the highest batting average in The Hundred?

Liam Livingstone from England Batting Allrounder, he played from (Birmingham Phoenix (Men)) The hundred cricket league top of the list.


Batting average is a key metric in measuring a batsman’s success in cricket, and it is closely watched by fans and analysts alike.

The Hundred Cricket League has seen some exceptional performances by top-class batsmen, and the statistics bear witness to their prowess.

The top five performers in the league have displayed remarkable consistency and skill, and it will be exciting to see how they fare in the upcoming seasons.

With the level of competition in the Hundred Cricket League, it won’t be long before new names emerge on the list of the best batting averages.