What is a Back-Foot Contact in Cricket? Importance And Back Foot Content Positions 

What is a Back-Foot Contact in Cricket Importance And Back Foot Content Positions 

Backfoot contact in cricket is basically the start of your bowling action. In the sport of cricket, back-foot contact has great importance. If you notice that your back foot is in contact with the ground, you can easily adjust your body’s stability and posture for bowling delivery.

 You know, mostly beginners in cricket don’t put attention on their backfoot contact. That’s why they cannot understand the benefits of accurate backfoot contact with the cricket ground. 

However, when they are practicing to bowl faster with their cricket coach, they don’t notice it. Hence, it impacts their bowling abilities, body equilibrium, and stability. In this content, I will explain to you all about the backfoot contact. 

What is Backfoot Contact in Cricket?

Backfoot contact is your first contact with the cricket ground when you make a jump and show movement. B.F.C. stands for backfoot content in cricket. Backfoot content in cricket ensures your movement. 

It is also known as back foot contact backfoot impact and backfoot landing 

Moreover, what are you going through? What is your bowling action? Simply put, your backfoot content impacts these questions. Briefly, it is the start of your bowling action in cricket.  

If we see anatomically the backfoot, basically calcenium is the largest bone of the body, as well as the talus. These bones play a role in the formation of the backfoot or hindfoot. By the way, our topic of discussion here is backfoot cricket. It is quite a different thing in cricket. 

Simply put, for a right-handed batsman, the backfoot is the right foot, and alternatively, for a left-handed batsman, the backfoot is the left. Moreover, if the batsman tries to play a shorter shot, he will make a backfoot shot in the game.

Back Foot No Ball in Cricket

A no-ball in cricket is often considered when the bowler’s back foot touches the return crease. Basically, it is overstepping the crease that leads to no ball in cricket. Usually, this type of no-ball is common in the short form of cricket. Moreover, the fast bowler usually tries to bowl it faster than the spin bowler. 

Why is Backfoot Contact Important To know in Cricket?

Awareness of back foot content is very important. Here, I am going to describe the blowing importance of backfoot content. 

  • Excellent back-foot contact improves your bowling action. 
  • It also helps you to adopt correct sequence while delivering a ball. 
  • Backfoot content is in relation to the run-up and frontfoot content while bowling a ball.
  • Moreover, backfoot content helps you transfer your momentum during delivery. 
  • If you maintain your momentum with backfoot content, your bowling action becomes faster.
  • Good backfoot contact aligns your body with your target point. 
  • Interestingly, it plays a vital role in the stabilization of your body. 
  • Your backfoot contact prevents injury. As well as providing extra pace. 
  • Good contact with your back foot allows your hip to rotate while throwing the ball toward the batsman. 
  • Keep your front elbow and knee toward the target area. 

What Are The Types of Positions at Back-Foot Contact?

Following are three types of movements that a fast bowler adopts while bowling a cricket ball. 

Let’s discuss them!

  1. Front-on position
  2. Side-on  position
  3. mid-way position

Front-on Backfoot P0osition

In the front-on position, the bowler’s back foot, hips, and shoulders face straight towards the batsman. For a front-on bowler, your back foot points straight down the wicket. Intrestingly, hips and chests should also be facing straight down the wicket. 

Side-on Backfoot Position

In side-on position Back foot, hips, and shoulders at 90+ degrees from the batsman.   

For a side on the bowler, your backfoot lands parallel to the bowling crease. That made a 90-degree angle in the direction of the pitch.  

Midway Backfoot Position 

In midway backfoot position The back foot, hips, and shoulders are about 45 degrees from the batsman. Simply put, the body parts are more angled when it comes to the midway backfoot position. 

Bottom lines:

I hope you will get the information you want to research. So, after reading it, you are now familiar with the importance of backfoot contact in cricket while bowling. If you are a bowler and in search of fast bowling techniques, you can go to the post that is linked here on how to bowl faster in cricket.


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