Angelo Mathews: First Batter In History To Be Timed-Out in International Cricket

Angelo Mathews: First Batter In History To Be Timed-Out in International Cricket

Angelo Mathews The Sri Lankan batsman has become the first batter in history to be time-out in international cricket. This incident occurred in a bizarre turn of events during a match between Bangladesh and Sri Lanka in the ODI Men’s Cricket World Cup.  

Moreover, Angelo Mathews left the cricket ground in a disguise as he threw his helmet when the umpire told him to walk off the ground. In Delhi on Monday afternoon, this history making incident took place when the player had gotten to the middle of the ICC men’s cricket World Cup. 

Bangladesh appealed to have Mathews time out after Shakib al-Hasan dismissed Sadeera Samarawickrama.

The scenario of this is that when the Sri Lankan Batter made 25 over of the inning. After thai the next batsaman was Mathews but ha had an issue with the strap of his halmet. That is the raeson he was late on taking the strike. He took two minutes to get his batting position.

At that time Bangladesh skipper Shakib al-Hassan appealed to the umpire.  So, on-fielder umpire ordered according to the law of cricket and he become the timed-out batsman in history. 

According to the ODI World Cup 2023 playing conditions the batsman have two minutes time limit. Here is an important thing to note if the time pass away than the batsman will be out.  Mathews argued with the umpire and explained his issue regarding helmet slip but it proved inaffectually. 

Those rules substitute the Marylebone Cricket Club’s Laws of Cricket, which provide three minutes for the batsman to assume the batting position. 

However, this incident changed the map of the match during the ICC men’s Cricket World Cup 2023.


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