What Is a Cricket Net, Cricket Practice Net or Cricket Nets Size?

Cricket Net is an important tool for both the batsman and the bowler to practice their playing techniques. The advantage of using these nets is that they make it easy to practice cricket anywhere, anytime.

Cricket practice nets are designed to practice skills and are easy to assemble and transport.

So these nets are suitable for professional as well as amateur cricketers. Stand-alone cricket practice nets are useful for both club and home levels.

On the other hand, cricket nets also ensure the safety of both players and fans.

Why Use Cricket Nets?

Cricket nets have a significant role in practicing playing techniques. There are the usage of cricket practice nets:

  • The biggest advantage of cricket nets is that they are helpful in batting practice alone.
  • They act as a barrier to prevent the ball from traveling across the field.
  • Cricket nets are a great time saver and also reduce the need for fielders.
  • These nets also protect against injury due to the stray balls.
  • They also reduce the need for a wicketkeeper when the ball hits the bat.
  • In fact, these nets increase the intensity of training in sports.

Main Types Of Cricket Nets

There are two main types of cricket nets:

Ball Stop Netting

As the name suggests, these nets are often used to prevent the ball from going out of the ground. The ball stop nets are suitable for both backyard and training sessions as well as being used both indoors and outdoors. These nets are very strong and perfect for use around the ground.

Practice Nets 

Practice nets are highly regarded as the most suitable table for both training sessions and match days. These nets are used in both professional and amateur cricket grounds. They also serve as behind the wicket keepers and in fielding practice.

3 Best Cricket Practice Nets

As using a net increases safety during practice, choosing a portable authentic budget friendly cricket net is undoubtedly a cricket player’s choice. 

Here are some of the best portable cricket nets that are budget friendly. These will also increase your practice

Fortress Mobile Cricket Cage

The Fortress Mobile Cricket Cage is a great option for net practice at home for cricket clubs and schools. These cricket nets have fantastic strength and are also easy to assemble and completely portable.

If the Fortress Mobile Cricket cage measures 24 feet long, 10 feet wide, and 10 feet tall, The advantage of its 24-feet length is that it incorporates six heavy-duty wheels, so you can easily roll them out onto your actual cricket pitch for middle practice.

On the other hand, if you want to gain indoor practice facilities during your off-seasons, this is perfect for you.

Their steel tubing is galvanized to prevent rust and corrosion. 

CW Cricket Batting Practice Net Cage

The CW Cricket Net Cage is a great option if you want to train regularly for outdoor backyard sports. The net cage is made of nylon, which increases the strength and durability of these practice nets. On the other hand, the main feature of these cages is that they are long-lasting as well as sturdy and heavy.

It is also worth noting that this CW net covers both sides—behind and around the player. As these are made of high quality nylon, the risk of damage is also reduced.

However, when it comes to their dimensions, these sports nets are 100 feet, which includes 10 feet in length and 10 feet in width.

The special feature of this net is that it is covered with wooden poles. On the other hand, they also play an important role in providing protection during cricket training sessions.

As a result, you can get such benefits within a budget friendly price through these nets.

Fortress Cricket Net Cage

If you,, as a cricketer are looking for a cricket net with flexible dimensions for practice, Fortress Cricket Net Cage is the best option. However, talking about the dimensions of these nets, they are 20 feet or 32 feet or 52 feet or 70 feet long, 10 feet wide and nine feet high. 

This net with good flexibility includes a one-piece drop-in net (with roof), poles, guy cords and ground pegs.

Interestingly, it is also called the Ultimate Cricket Net. The structure of the net makes it safer to use as the poles can be easily broken into four parts.

To make it stable, the guy cords are PVC-wrapped steel that provides excellent support to the poles and the support poles are made of 3-inch steel and 8-inch ground spikes to make the net stiff and impact-resistant.

More net is made of thick green mesh which makes it more irresistible all in all it will be your best choice for training.

Size of Cricket Practice Nets:

Most of the people have a question about how much area or space will be required when practicing in cricket nets and what is the size of these nets? so let’s get access to this question here. 

Generally, for practice cricket nets are 20 meters long and 3.6 meters wide, while the back and side walls are 3 mater high. 

Bottom Lines:

A cricket net is an important item which is very beneficial for cricket players as they experience the playing techniques before their session. However, there are different types of cricket practice nets that have their own characteristics. Cricket nets are used for various purposes which have many benefits.