Angry Wasim Akram slams Mickey Arthur’s weird BCCI event comments, says ‘You think you can get away with it?’

Angry Wasim Akram slams Mickey Arthur's weird BCCI event comments, says 'You think you can get away with it?'

Pakistani cricket commentator Wasim Akram criticized Mickey Arthur, who is the director of the Pakistani team, after the defeat of the Pakistani team against India during the World Cup 2023 on October 14. 

Former captain of Pakistan team Wasim Akram was criticized because of Mickey Arthur’s unexpected comment on Pakistan’s defeat, saying that you think you can get away with it.

Pakistan’s team director Mickey Arthur comments that the India vs Pakistan clash at the Narendra Modi Stadium looks more like a BCCI event at the ICC as he had  not heard enough of Dil Dil Pakistan in the stadium.

He further said that it did not go down well with the fans and the cricketers. Pakistani pacer, Wasim Akram criticized Arthur and advised him that instead of distracting himself with such comments, he should talk about Pakistan’s plans for the match.

Arthur’s comments didn’t mean anything to Akram and he even said in a chat on A-Sports that he questioned what the plan was for his batters to face impact spinner Kuldeep Yadav.  Hence, Akram took out his anger on Arthur.

His words were something like this, Bhai, tell us what you guys had planned, how to play Kuldeep. He signaled to the Pakistani team director that these are the things we want to hear, not the random things.

He says that you think you can get away with this, but unfortunately you can’t.

Moin Khan, who is Wasim Akram’s former teammate, also criticized Arthur for trying to divert attention. 

BCCI should be commended for organizing the event in a manner that helped them make the most of home advantage,  for Moin Khan. 

“He is just distracting. Many people are disappointed and you are making them emotional. I think he should  criticize what is his job as a professional instead of showing a new path. As a coach, he should not have said that”

Moin Khan further emphasized on his responsibilities as a coach what he has to do. 

If the match is highlighted, the Pakistani batting team succumbs to the pressure of the Indian bowlers. It is sad to say that instead of the expected position 155/2, they settled for a modest 191. With full enthusiasm, the Hindu batsmen showed their passion and dominated the game with almost 20 overs to spare and wrap up the game.


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