Pakistan Strikes India For Creeping Zainab Abbas Into Unnecessary Controversy

Pakistan Strikes India For Creeping Zainab Abbas Into Unnecessary Controversy

Islamabad Foreign Office Spokesperson Mumtaz Zahra Baloch expressed strong displeasure over New Delhi’s involvement in the unnecessary and unjustified dispute regarding Pakistani Presenter Zainab Abbas during the ongoing ODI World Cup 2023.

Further, Baloch asserted that it was not the right way to file a case against Zainab Abbas over her tweets. During her weekly press briefing, the foreign ministry spokesperson also emphasized that his tweets were unnecessary and that he was being unjustly implicated in the matter.

Hence, legal action against Zainab Abbas is unwarranted. Baloch’s words regarding this issue are also that as the host, it is now the responsibility of the Indian government to ensure security. 

Creating a conducive environment for the Pakistani cricket team is also the responsibility of the Indian government.

Zainab Abbas, the 2023 ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup bid, recently left India due to complaints filed by the same party. The Indian lawyer demoted him by accusing him of making anti-Hindu statements.

She was reportedly kicked out of India but an International Cricket Council spokesperson confirmed that her departure was due to personal reasons. An Indian lawyer even demanded police action against World Cup reporter Zainab Abbas for allegedly making anti-India remarks.

Zainab Abbas was considered one of the presenters of the World Cup and fans’ excitement about her was at its peak her travel to India is evidence of this announcement.

Why did Zainab Abbas Leave India? 

The main reason Zainab left India on Sunday was because she had safety concerns because of her anti-Hindu comments on social media in the past, accused by Indian Lawyer Vineet Jindal. 

According to Sama TV, Zainab Abbas, the presenter of Pakistani sports, who was the president of the ICC World Cup this time, has been deported to India because of a disputed case. Now she is in Dubai because of her old tweet against India.

Zainab Abbas’s Post Review (Official Tweet)

A post by Zainab Abbas in which she has said some words about the Indian team has sent shockwaves across India.

Here are the words of her post: 

“This 120 crore population can’t produce one fast bowler. Eat some f*c*ing meat u shud shakaharis.”

Official Complaint Ggainst Zainab Abbas

Vineet Jindal, who is lawyer of the Indian Supreme Court, filed an official complaint against Zainab Abbas on October 6. The reason for this was an old report by Zainab Abbas in which she had made anti-India and Hindu-phobic statements.

Supreme Court lawyer Jindal also took the handle of social media and also mentioned the complaint registered in the cyber cell of Delhi Police. He also requested to file an FIR under sections 153A, 295, 506, 121 IPC, and sec 67 IT Act against Zainab Abbas.

His antipathy against Zainab is so extreme that he even demanded that the Pakistani presenter be removed from the list of presenters of the ongoing ICC Men’s World Cup.

Pakistan’s Arguments Regarding Zainab’s case

Pakistan cricket fans are unhappy with the news of Zainab leaving India and are blaming India for her attitude and intolerance. 

Even a tweet user said,  “After looking at Zainab Abbas’ case, I’ve actually developed sympathy for Irfan Pathan…He does all this for him and his family’s safety…India is so intolerant, insecure and is highly influenced by hindutva terr*rist outfit i.e RSS.”

Pakistan cricket fans are unhappy with the news of Zainab leaving India and are blaming India for her attitude and intolerance.

If seen, in the field of cricket, Zainab is known for her friendly nature and strong advocate for peace, friendship, and pleasant nature. Zainab Abbas who is a cricket commentator has never had any negative energy effects in her presence.

In successive seasons of the Pakistan Super League, he has earned quite a name for himself in the foreigner due to his commentary reviews.

On the other hand, if we talk about her tweets, they are quite old while Zainab would be in her early 20s. It should also be noted here that almost at that time it had not even entered this profession. 

Also, she was probably not as politically correct then as she is now, and it is certain that she would have made those comments in response to provocations from the Indian accounts.

Bottom lines

Zainab Abbas leaving India in this way has a profound impact on the World Cup 2023. This issue could have been resolved in another way. It is very unfair that a famous, hardworking, young professional should be forced out of his country.

It is regrettable to see that the Board of Control for Cricket India and the Indian authorities have taken a very childish view for this case even if they are arranging visas for journalists or not but this has a dark shadow on the ongoing ICC World Cup. 


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