Ali Zafar Reveals The Title of the PSL 9 Anthem 2024

Ali Zafar Reveals The Title of the PSL 9 Anthem 2024

Following his successful stints as the PSL anthem singer in the first three seasons, Ali Zafar returns to the spotlight with “Khul Ke Khel.”

His announcement, made via social media on February 5th, 2024, instantly garnered massive attention and speculation among fans.

Ali Zafar’s energetic persona and ability to blend contemporary music with traditional influences promise an anthem that will resonate with audiences nationwide.

While the song’s details remain under wraps, the mere association of Ali Zafar and the title “Khul Ke Khel” promises a high-octane anthem that will stay with fans long after the final wicket falls. Fans can expect an energetic melody, catchy lyrics, and a vibrant music video that captures the spirit of the PSL.

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2016“Ab Khel Ke Dikha”Audio: 20 September 2015
Video: 4 February 2016
Ali ZafarHBL Pakistan
2017“Ab Khel Jamay Ga”Audio: 1 January 2017
Video: 30 January 2017
2018“Dil Se Jaan Laga De”28 January 2018
2019“Khel Deewano Ka”18 January 2019Fawad Khan ft. Young DesiShuja Haider
2020“Tayyar Hain”28 January 2020Ali Azmat, Haroon, Asim Azhar, Arif LoharXulfiPepsi
2021“Groove Mera”6 February 2021Aima Baig, Naseebo Lal, Young StunnersLyrics by Adnan Dhool, Composed by XulfiHBL Pakistan
2022“Agay Dekh”24 January 2022Atif Aslam, Aima BaigAbdullah Siddiqui, Natasha NooraniTikTok
2023“Sab Sitaray Humaray”11 February 2023Asim Azhar, Shae Gill, Faris ShafiAsim Azhar, Faris Shah, Hassan AliHBL Pakistan
2024“Khul Ke Khel”Ali ZafarAli ZafarHBL Pakistan

Khul Ke Khel | HBL PSL Official Anthem 2024 | #AliZafar #AimaBaig | #KhulKeKhel

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