Northamptonshire Steelbacks Players Vitality T20 Blast Squad 2024

Northamptonshire Steelbacks Players Vitality T20 Blast Squad

The Northamptonshire Steelbacks players list have a proud history, having won the County Championship once in 1904 and the T20 Blast twice in 2013 and 2016. They have also reached the final of the T20 Blast on several occasions.

The team plays their home matches at the County Ground in Northampton, which has a capacity of over 6,500 spectators. The ground has also hosted international cricket matches in the past, including several One Day Internationals.

There have been many talented cricketers who have played for the Northamptonshire Steelbacks squad cricket team over the years. Here are a few notable players:

Overall, the Northamptonshire Steelbacks are a highly respected and competitive team in English domestic cricket, and they continue to inspire and entertain cricket fans around the world with their exciting brand of cricket.

Complete Northamptonshire Steelbacks Players List 2024

Northamptonshire Steelbacks Captain 2024

Luke Procter Named Championship Captain

Northamptonshire Steelbacks Batter 2024

Player NameCountryRole
Chris LynnAustraliaBatter
Emilio GayEnglandBatter
Gus MillerEnglandBatter

Northamptonshire Steelbacks Wicketkeeper 2024

Player NameCountryRole
Lewis McManusEnglandWicketkeeper Batter
Ricardo VasconcelosSouth AfricaWicketkeeper Batter
Harry GouldstoneEnglandWicketkeeper Fielding Postion

Northamptonshire Steelbacks Allrounder 2024

Player NameCountryRole
Luke Procter (C)EnglandAllrounder
Josh Cobb EnglandBatting Allrounder
Rob KeoghEnglandBatting Allrounder
Gareth BergItalyBowling Allrounder
Saif ZaibEnglandBatting Allrounder
Tom TaylorEnglandBowling Allrounder
James SalesEnglandAllrounder

Northamptonshire Steelbacks Bowler 2024

Player NameCountryRole
Freddie HeldreichEnglandBowler
Jack WhiteEnglandBowler
Simon KerriganEnglandBowler
Ben SandersonEnglandBowler
Graeme WhiteEnglandBowler
Alex RussellEnglandBowler

Northamptonshire Steelbacks Overseas Player List 2024

Player NameCountryRole
Chris LynnAustraliaBatter
Ricardo VasconcelosSouth AfricaWicketkeeper Batter
Gareth BergItalyBowling Allrounder

Frequently Asked Questions About Northamptonshire Steelbacks

Why are Northamptonshire called Steelbacks?

Northamptonshire is called the Steelbacks because it is a reference to the county’s association with the steel industry. The name was chosen in 1995 when the county cricket team was looking for a new identity.
The Northamptonshire cricket team had previously been known as the Northamptonshire Steel until the mid-1980s, when it was changed to the Northamptonshire Panthers. However, in 1995, the team management decided to return to the county’s steel heritage and rebrand the team as the Northamptonshire Steelbacks.
The name “Steelbacks” is a play on words, as it refers to the hard, resilient qualities of steel, as well as the fact that Northamptonshire is located in the heart of England, where the weather can often be unpredictable and changeable, just like the back of a steel blade.
Overall, the name Steelbacks is a fitting tribute to Northamptonshire’s industrial past and serves as a strong symbol of the county’s identity and pride.

Who is the chairman of Northamptonshire cricket?

Gavin Warren are thr chairman of Northamptonshire cricket?


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