MS Dhoni’s Statement Hinting He’ll Play IPL 2024, He Says He Can’t Play IPL

MS Dhoni's statement Hinting he’ll play IPL 2024, he says he can’t play IPL

Mahendra Singh MS Dhoni an Indian professional cricketer and, in the history of cricket, one of the greatest wicketkeepers, may not play in the IPL 2024. Perhaps he can’t play IPL, as he was asked by the interviewer, to which he responded. 

On August 15, 2020, MS Dhoni retired from all formats of international cricket. Meanwhile, he continues in the Indian Premier League (IPL).  Moreover, if we talk about his progress, he is the winner of the one-day international ODI World Cup and the T20 World Cup. Further, he won three ICC World Cups and the Champion Trophy. 

However, he is now working for the IPL and guiding Chennai Super Kings (CSK). Anyhow, after his retirement, fans often wait to see him in the Indian Premier League.

But the point to note is that MS Dhoni might retire from the IPL. More importantly, he will not play in the upcoming IPL season in 2024.

What’s more, he recently provided a hint to the fans that he would return and become part of the IPL in 2024. After his statement, he again gave a big hint in an event that demonstrated that he would play IPL 2024. 

MS Dhoni responded with an affirmation to the fans when an interviewer asked him if fans would get a chance to see him in the IPL. In this event, a large number of people demanded to see him in the IPL 2024. 

He said that I am fully trying my best. As you all know, I had gone through left knee surgery. Therefore, doctors have said that the knee will recover by November, as soon as possible.

Consequently, if everything goes the right way without any problem, I will be part of the Chennai Super Kings (CSK). If not, I will be part of you, and we will see a match together.”

In this event, the audience applauds and whistles after his sweet answer. Moreover, at that event, MS Dhoni expressed his words regarding the importance of being a good human being.

He put a glance at mankind, and MS Dhoni said that he wants the world to remember him as a true and good person rather than a good cricketer. 


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