Mankading in Cricket: Origin, Incidents And Current Cricket Law for Mankading

Mankading in cricket is the shameful act of dismissing the batsman. In these days, the majority of people do not understand the concept of mankading.

They have some minor predictions on the mankading in cricket. Moreover, some people have wrong conceptions about it and don’t like it, despite the fact that the ICC has claimed it is a legal act.

So why do people consider it illegal? Here is a complete guide for you on the misconception of mankading. Further, if you are a beginner in cricket and not familiar with this term, I will explain it to you in a comprehensive and understandable way with authentic examples. 

Let’s cover the basic concepts of mankading one by one. For example, what is mankading? Is it illegal? Some incidents of mankading as well as the origin of mankading Moreover, current cricket laws relate to mankading. 

What is mankading?

Mankading is a way of dismissal when the non-striker is out of the crease before the ball is bowled and the bowler runs out the batsman. Mankading came into the picture when

  • No striker is attempting an illegitimate start during the match or game.
  • The bowler notices that the batsman is out of the crease before or during the delivery. 

Dilodging the bail on the wicket, and hence the batsman was dismissed. Some people consider the mankading in cricket an unfair act. While some other people take it as a twist in the sport of cricket, 

Is Mankading an Illegal Act or Legal In Cricket?

Mankading in cricket is a fair act or legal dismissal of the batsman. Let’s learn how and why.

Actually, most bowlers delay the delivery stride, so it is not an illegal act to delay the delivery stride. It does not depend on whether the batsman is doing some predetermined movements or not. 

The perfect example of this type of bowler is Ravichandran Ashwin. He is the man who often delays his delivery stride. Consequently, mankading has a legal and fair impression on the sport of cricket. 

Some Incidents of Mankading

In different types of cricket matches, there are a lot of incidents. Let’s go through these instances. Following are some instances of mankading. 

  •  In 1947–48,  in a test cricket match between Australia and India, Bill Brown was dismissed by Vinoo Mankad
  • Shadab Khan was outed by Fazalhaq Farooqi In 2023, in an ODI match between Pakistan and Afghanistan
  •  In February 2016, in the Twenty20 internationals between Hong Kong and Oman, Mankading dismissed Mark Chapman by Aamir Kaleem. 

Origin of Mankading

In international cricket, the first batsman dismissed due to mankading was Bill Brown by Vinoo Mankad. he was an Indian all-rounder. This incident happened during a test match between India and Australia in the 19th century. The fans and large audience called this type of dismissal mankading. 

The reason behind the name of this way of batsman dismissal is that the first batsman, Vinoo Mankad, took a delay in delivery stride and Bill Brown was out of the game. Although at that time the International Council ICC and MCC did not consider it an official name, 

Current Cricket Law for Mankading  

The new rules and laws of cricket indicate that it is almost impossible for the bowler to run out the batsman in the sport of cricket. Let’s quickly get to the new law for mankading. First, there are two statements that become the cause of misunderstanding and confusion for the majority: “bowler release point” and “usually expected to release the ball.”

This statement clears up the confusion when the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) introduces some changes in the mankading law. The change occurred when a dispute arose over the umpire’s ruling. The major part of that incident was that Melbourne Stars skipper Adam Zampa

According to the current cricket law for mankading, the point of release will occur at one condition when the bowlbowler is reasonably expected to release the ball. For more understanding, let’s get the dismissal idea from Adam Zampa. In this leg, Spinner was ready to throw the ball when he saw that Rogers had left the crease. Consequently, he stopped in mid-stride and Rogers out. 


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