Highest Team Totals In Big Bash League T20 Cricket

The BBL is known for its Highest Team Totals or matches, and there have been a number of record-breaking team totals over the years. Here is a list of the top 5 highest team totals in BBL history:

The Brisbane Heat’s total of 273/2 in 2022 is the highest team total in BBL history. The Melbourne Stars’ total of 238/7 in 2015 is the second-highest team total in BBL history.

The BBL is known for its high-scoring matches, and these record-breaking team totals are a testament to the exciting and entertaining nature of the league.

Impact of High Team Totals on the BBL

The high team totals in the BBL have had a number of positive impacts on the league. First, they have made the BBL one of the most exciting and entertaining cricket leagues in the world. The fans love to see big scores and thrilling matches, and the BBL has delivered on both counts.

Second, the high team totals have helped to attract some of the best players in the world to the BBL. Players want to play in a league where they can score runs and make a difference in matches, and the BBL has provided them with that opportunity.

Third, the high team totals have helped to promote the BBL to a global audience. The BBL is now broadcast in over 50 countries around the world, and the high team totals have helped to attract new fans to the league.

Overall, the high team totals in the BBL have had a number of positive impacts on the league. They have made the BBL more exciting and entertaining, attracted some of the best players in the world, and helped to promote the league to a global audience.

List of Highest Team Score in BBL Cricket League in 2011–2024

TeamScoreOversRRInnsOppositionGroundMatch Date
Stars273/220.013.651v HurricanesMelbourne19 Jan 2022
Thunder232/520.011.61v SixersAdelaide22 Jan 2021
Strikers230/319.311.792v HurricanesAdelaide5 Jan 2023
Hurricanes229/420.011.451v StrikersAdelaide5 Jan 2023
Scorchers229/720.011.451v StarsMelbourne23 Dec 2022
Thunder228/620.011.41v HurricanesAlbury31 Dec 2022
Heat224/520.011.21v SixersBrisbane1 Jan 2023
Hurricanes223/820.011.152v RenegadesMelbourne (Docklands)12 Jan 2017
Renegades222/420.011.11v HurricanesMelbourne (Docklands)12 Jan 2017
Stars219/120.010.951v SixersMelbourne12 Jan 2020
Thunder219/720.010.951v StarsCanberra29 Dec 2020
Hurricanes217/120.010.851v StrikersAdelaide26 Jan 2020
Heat214/320.010.71v StarsBrisbane7 Dec 2023
Heat214/720.010.71v StrikersCarrara22 Jan 2024
Sixers213/420.010.651v StarsSydney5 Dec 2021
Hurricanes213/220.010.651v SixersSydney11 Dec 2021
Scorchers213/320.010.651v HeatPerth11 Jan 2020
Heat212/320.010.61v HurricanesHobart3 Jan 2020
Scorchers212/520.010.61v RenegadesPerth22 Jan 2023
Stars211/319.011.12v StrikersAdelaide31 Dec 2023
Scorchers211/420.010.551v StrikersPerth3 Jan 2024
Hurricanes210/719.210.862v HeatBrisbane28 Dec 2013
Renegades210/320.010.51v HeatMelbourne (Docklands)30 Dec 2013
Hurricanes210/420.010.51v ScorchersPerth1 Feb 2018
Hurricanes209/419.0112v HeatHobart2 Jan 2015
Heat209/420.010.451v SixersSydney22 Dec 2019
Heat209/320.010.451v HurricanesBrisbane28 Dec 2013
Sixers20920.010.452v HeatBrisbane1 Jan 2023
Thunder209/820.010.451v RenegadesCanberra26 Dec 2020
Hurricanes209/720.010.451v HeatHobart23 Jan 2014
Thunder209/720.010.451v RenegadesMelbourne (Docklands)8 Jan 2022
Stars208/720.010.41v RenegadesMelbourne20 Dec 2013
Heat208/720.010.41v StrikersAdelaide23 Dec 2021
Heat208/620.010.41v HurricanesHobart2 Jan 2015
Thunder208/120.010.41v HeatSydney21 Dec 2014
Strikers207/820.010.352v HurricanesAdelaide26 Jan 2020
Stars207/920.010.351v HeatBrisbane27 Dec 2021
Heat206/520.010.31v StrikersAdelaide21 Dec 2016
Heat206/720.010.31v StarsBrisbane20 Dec 2017
Scorchers206/520.010.31v RenegadesMelbourne (Docklands)22 Dec 2021
Hurricanes206/520.010.31v RenegadesMelbourne (Docklands)29 Dec 2021
Strikers205/419.410.422v ThunderAdelaide19 Dec 2023
Strikers205/420.010.251v StarsAdelaide31 Dec 2023
Sixers205/420.010.251v RenegadesHobart13 Dec 2020
Scorchers203/720.010.151v StrikersPerth16 Jan 2014
Stars203/320.010.151v HurricanesHobart9 Jan 2012
Sixers203/520.010.151v StrikersCoffs Harbour17 Jan 2023
Heat203/520.010.151v ThunderSydney27 Jan 2023
Strikers202/220.010.11v HurricanesAdelaide4 Feb 2018
Strikers202/420.010.11v RenegadesAdelaide10 Jan 2023


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