Highest Individual Score or Players In Big Bash League In History

The highest individual score in Big Bash League history is 154* by Glenn Maxwell of the Melbourne Stars in 2022. He scored his runs off just 64 balls, hitting 22 fours and 4 sixes.

List of Highest Individual Score In BBL Cricket in All Time

PlayerRunsMinsBalls4s6sSRTeamOppositionMatch Date
GJ Maxwell154*8164224240.62Starsv Hurricanes19 Jan 2022
MP Stoinis147*79138186.07Starsv Sixers12 Jan 2020
J Brown14071571012245.61Heatv Strikers22 Jan 2024
MS Wade130*61117213.11Hurricanesv Strikers26 Jan 2020
BR McDermott127906599195.38Hurricanesv Renegades29 Dec 2021
SPD Smith125*906659189.39Sixersv Thunder21 Jan 2023
DJM Short122*6988176.81Hurricanesv Heat10 Jan 2018
LJ Wright1176089195.00Starsv Hurricanes09 Jan 2012
J Weatherald1157098164.28Strikersv Hurricanes04 Feb 2018
C Munro114*757386156.16Scorchersv Strikers11 Dec 2021
BR McDermott1145289219.23Hurricanesv Renegades12 Jan 2017
CJ Ferguson113*5388213.20Thunderv Scorchers24 Jan 2019
LA Pomersbach112*8170152160.00Heatv Renegades15 Jan 2013
CJ Simmons1128858411193.10Scorchersv Sixers05 Feb 2014
AJ Finch111*8565124170.76Renegadesv Stars07 Dec 2012
BR McDermott110*7960125183.33Hurricanesv Strikers27 Dec 2021
AD Hales1105698196.42Thunderv Sixers22 Jan 2021
UT Khawaja109*8470123155.71Thunderv Stars20 Dec 2015
LJ Wright109*9163114173.01Starsv Renegades02 Jan 2016
AJ Finch1096867160.29Renegadesv Sixers25 Jan 2020
M Klinger105*6074175.00Scorchersv Renegades26 Dec 2014
UT Khawaja104*59133176.27Thunderv Strikers21 Jan 2016
PSP Handscomb103*806465160.93Starsv Scorchers21 Jan 2015
DJM Short103*7037147.14Hurricanesv Scorchers05 Jan 2020
GJ Maxwell1037157123180.70Starsv Sixers15 Dec 2021

Top 6 Players With Highest Individual Score in Big Bash League in 2011–2024

Glenn Maxwell (154*)

Glenn Maxwell is one of the most exciting and destructive batsmen in the world. He is also a handy bowler and fielder. Maxwell has been a key player for the Melbourne Stars since the BBL’s inception, and he has won two MVP awards. He is the all-time leading run scorer in the BBL with over 5,000 runs.

Marcus Stoinis (147*)

Marcus Stoinis is another all-rounder who has been a key player for the Melbourne Stars. He is a powerful batsman and a medium pace bowler. Stoinis has won one MVP award in the BBL, and he is the all-time leading wicket-taker for the Melbourne Stars.

Josh Brown (140)

Josh Brown. With a thunderous 140 runs off just 57 balls against the Sydney Sixers in 2024, Brown etched his name into BBL history, setting the highest individual score ever

Matthew Wade (130*)

Matthew Wade is a wicket-keeper batsman who has played for the Hobart Hurricanes and the Melbourne Renegades in the BBL. He is a hard-hitting batsman and a solid wicket-keeper. Wade has won one MVP award in the BBL, and he is the all-time leading run scorer for the Hobart Hurricanes.

Ben McDermott (127)

Ben McDermott is a young batsman who has become one of the most exciting players in the BBL. He is a powerful batsman who is known for his ability to hit sixes. McDermott has won one MVP award in the BBL, and he is the all-time leading run scorer for the Hobart Hurricanes.

Steve Smith (125)

Steve Smith is one of the best batsmen in the world, and he has also been successful in the BBL. He has played for the Sydney Sixers and the Melbourne Renegades. Smith has won one MVP award in the BBL, and he is the all-time leading run scorer for the Sydney Sixers.

These are just a few of the top players in Big Bash League history. There are many other talented players who have excelled in the competition. The BBL is a very competitive league, and it is always exciting to watch.


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