Cricket Officially Verified for 2028 Los Angeles Olympics after 1900

Cricket Officially Verified for 2028 Los Angeles Olympics after 1900

The National Olympic Committee has made a surprise confirmation that cricket will now be one of five sanctioned sports at the Los Angeles Games in July 2028. As cricket is confirmed to return to the biggest stage of the game, teams will compete for the gold medal in the T20 format.

The interesting thing here is that cricket has been included in the Olympics program for the first time in more than 120 years.

It is also worth noting that the sport will also feature in the 2032 Games in Brisbane. 

On the other hand, cricket’s only previous appearance at the Summer Olympics was at the 2019 Games in Paris, in which Great Britain claimed gold in the two-nation tournament. At this tournament the French team beat the British.

It was featured twice at the 1998 Commonwealth Games, where Australia were defeated in the final and South Africa won. On the other hand, as recently as the women’s event in Birmingham 2022 in which the all-conquering Australian team won the gold ahead of India, Zealand is winning the bronze.

If seen, the Olympics event was decided by a two-day match in 1900 and the Commonwealth Games hosted a 50-over tournament in 1998, where cricket T20 format was seen as a further development and a better category.  And it was used last year in Birmingham 2022.

Australia has always been a staunch advocate of bringing cricket to the Olympic level with full commitment. CA’s current five-year strategic plan included this commitment.

Cricket Australia chief executive Nick Hockley expressed his enthusiasm by saying, “We are delighted that the International Olympic Committee has introduced the T20 cricket format at the Los Angeles Olympic Games.

He added that the Olympic Games will no doubt increase the global reach and cricket inspires an entire generation to love and play the game. Now, with this confirmation, both women’s and men’s teams have a chance to win an Olympic medal.

We look forward to working closely with the Australian Olympic Committee under the leadership of Los Angeles games, including  Brisbane 2032, and sincerely hope that this will be a great start to a long-lasting relationship between cricket and the Olympics.

It was confirmed by the ICC a few months before the T20 World Cup that it will be the version of T20 that will be introduced at the 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles and will be played in Australia and New Zealand.

It has since been tipped to host cricket in the 2032 event, and Australia has also announced confirmation as the venue.

Queensland Cricket Chief Executive Terry Svenson  said,  “Queensland Cricket is excited to confirm that cricket will be officially included in the Los Angeles 2028 Olympics”.

This certification will give all cricketers across the country a chance to achieve their Olympic dreams. “Along with Cricket Australia, we have also championed regional New Zealand venues and the investment promises to deliver the best results for the sport once cricket joins the Olympic family,” he added. 

Likewise, this announcement expands on several other projects we have been involved in, such as the redevelopment of Allan Border Field capacity to at least 10,000 seats in Albion. 

Moreover, in addition to the return of cricket, the IOC meeting in Mumbai also confirmed the addition of flag football, lacrosse, baseball, and squash to the program for the 2028 Games in Los Angeles Olympics.

As a result, the endorsement has made the game prominent in continental viewing markets and the IOC meeting was held against the  backdrop of the ongoing ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup.


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