Most Sixes in BBL (2008 – 2024) Batsmen with Most Sixes in BBL All Time

Among the many batting feats achieved in the BBL, the pursuit of the most sixes has been a constant source of intrigue and excitement. Over the years, a select group of players has distinguished themselves as six-hit maestros, captivating audiences with their ability to clear the ropes with regularity.

Check out the List of Players and Teams with the Most Sixes in BBL History (2008–2024)

CA Lynn (AS/BH)2011-20241201183725149.05208
BR McDermott (BH/HH/MR)2014-202494912596138.01123
GJ Maxwell (MR/MS)2011-20241091042916152.51122
AJ Finch (MR)2011-20241071053311131.12118
AD Hales (AS/HH/MR/ST)2013-202478782360149.08107
DJM Short (AS/HH)2016-202493932950131.2299
MP Stoinis (MS/PS)2012-2024101972666134.4499
DT Christian (BH/HH/MR/SS)2011-20231371252098134.5798
BCJ Cutting (BH/ST)2012-2023117991708142.5794
MS Wade (HH/MR/MS)2011-202499952649140.7591
SE Marsh (MR/PS)2011-202479792810129.2589
AJ Turner (PS)2013-20231191022037144.3689
MC Henriques (SS)2011-20241301232903129.9489
MW Short (AS/MR)2014-202478751950140.3885
NJ Maddinson (MR/MS/SS)2011-20231111062046122.6685
MR Marsh (PS)2011-202270691904135.0384
J Weatherald (AS)2016-202488872101131.2383
HWR Cartwright (MS/PS)2012-202492841814124.8468
AI Ross (AS/BH/ST)2014-2024102891920128.0868
JR Philippe (PS/SS)2017-202490882258137.5164
C Munro (BH/PS/SS)2017-202447461362133.6661
TM Head (AS)2013-202357551394130.4061
TH David (HH/PS)2018-202465601072153.5858
CL White (AS/MR/MS)2011-202075731582115.2256
LS Livingstone (PS)2019-20212828851138.1455
DP Hughes (SS/ST)2012-2024105992365121.7155
SR Watson (BH/ST)2012-201941411031133.7254
BJ Hodge (AS/MR/MS)2011-201850451412134.3454
JP Inglis (PS)2017-202476701747140.5454
BR Dunk (AS/HH/MS/ST)2011-202183791727126.6154
SB Harper (MR/MS)2016-202480761470132.9152
CH Gayle (MR/ST)2011-20162222649136.0551
JW Wells (AS/HH/MR)2011-20241351252954121.8150
JA Burns (BH/MS)2012-202368651327120.3049
GJ Bailey (HH/MS)2011-202080671673135.1349
DR Sams (SS/ST)2017-20248571823139.0249
AT Carey (AS)2017-202456561837128.9147
TLW Cooper (AS/BH/MR)2011-202288791445125.7646
M Bryant (BH)2018-202462621258135.2645
BJ Webster (HH/MR/MS)2017-202476631393119.3644
CT Bancroft (PS/ST)2015-202477711825122.8144
JM Vince (SS/ST)2017-202473711934131.0244
J Brown (BH)2022-20242323624149.6443
AM Hardie (PS)2019-202454441040133.6742
LJ Wright (MS)2011-201857571479131.2342
JM Clarke (MR/MS/PS)2020-20233635955135.4641
SW Billings (BH/SS/ST)2016-202446441159141.5141
CJ Ferguson (AS/MR/ST)2011-202187831935123.8741
SPD Smith (SS)2011-202431311026142.5040
CA Ingram (AS/HH)2017-20213535868135.2040

5 Players with Most Sixes In BBL History

5 Players with Most Sixes In BBL History

Chris Lynn (AS/BH)

is a right-handed batsman who has played for the Brisbane Heat since the BBL’s inception in 2010. He is known for his big-hitting ability and has scored over 3728 runs in the BBL, including 208 sixes.

Ben McDermott (BH/HH/MR)

is a left-handed batsman who has played for the Hobart Hurricanes since 2011. He is a rising star in Australian cricket and has scored over 2596 runs in the BBL, including 123 sixes.

Glenn Maxwell (MR/MS)

is an all-rounder who has played for the Melbourne Stars since 2012. He is a very versatile player who can bat, bowl, and field. He has scored over 2916 runs in the BBL, including 12 sixes.

Aaron Finch (MR)

who has played for the Melbourne Renegades since 2010. He is the current captain of the Australian national cricket team and has scored over 3111 runs in the BBL, including 118 sixes.

5. AD Hales (AS/HH/MR/ST)

who has played for a number of different teams in the BBL. He is a very experienced player who has played in over 78 BBL games. He has scored over 2360 runs and, including 107 sixes.


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