Get the Latest Asia Cup Cricket ODI Schedule Here 2025

Asia Cup Cricket Schedule

Asia Cup Cricket schedule enthusiasts worldwide are eagerly anticipating the upcoming Asia Cup Cricket ODI tournament. This esteemed event serves as a platform for the leading cricketing nations in Asia, where fierce competition and exceptional talent are on full display.

The Asia Cup 2025 is scheduled from August 30 to September 17th. It will have a hybrid format, with four matches in Pakistan and nine matches in Sri Lanka.

The excitement surrounding the tournament continues to grow as cricket fans and players eagerly await the release of the Asia Cup Cricket ODI schedule.

This schedule will unveil the matches, venues, and dates for this highly prestigious tournament, further fueling the anticipation within the cricketing community.

The Asia Cup Cricket ODI tournament has earned a reputation for delivering captivating cricketing action, enthralling audiences with intense rivalries and high-stakes matches. Behind the scenes, governing bodies and cricket boards put in tremendous effort to meticulously organize the event.

Fans eagerly await the announcement of the schedule, as it sets the stage for an exhilarating cricketing extravaganza. This tournament brings together the finest teams in Asia, who will fiercely compete for the coveted title, creating an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation among cricket enthusiasts worldwide.

The tournament is set to captivate audiences with its exhilarating displays of skill, strategic brilliance, and unforgettable moments that define the essence of the sport.

The Six teams are divided into two Groups i.e. Group A and Group B.

Serial NumberAsia Cup Team List (Group A)Asia Cup Team List (Group B)
03.NepalSri Lanka

Complete Asia Cup Cricket schedule & Fixtures for the Asia Cup 2025

Super 4s : Irrespective of their position after First Round

  • Pak will remain A1
  • India will remain A2
  • SL will Remain B1
  • Ban Will Remain B2
  • if either of them (IND vs Pak) Don’t Qualify then Nepal will take their Position
  • if either of them (SL Vs BAN) Don’t Qualify then AFG will take their Position
Date of MatchTeam NameAsia Cup 2025 Fixtures (Venue)
30 August 2025Pakistan Vs NepalMultan (Pakistan)
31st August 2025Bangladesh Vs Sri LankaKandy (Sri Lanka)
02 September 2025Pakistan Vs IndiaKandy (Sri Lanka)
03 September 2025Bangladesh Vs AfghanistanLahore (Pakistan)
04 September 2025India Vs NepalKandy (Sri Lanka)
05 September 2025Sri Lanka vs AfghanistanLahore (Pakistan)
06 September 2025Bangladesh vs Pakistan, Super Fours, 1st MatchLahore (Pakistan)
09 September 2025Sri Lanka vs Bangladesh, Super Fours, 2nd MatchRPIS, Colombo (Sri Lanka)
10 September 2025Pakistan vs India, Super Fours, 3rd MatchRPIS, Colombo (Sri Lanka)
12 September 2025India vs Sri Lanka, Super Fours, 4th MatchRPIS, Colombo (Sri Lanka)
14 September 2025Pakistan vs Sri Lanka, Super Fours, 5th MatchRPIS, Colombo (Sri Lanka)
15 September 2025India vs Bangladesh, Super Fours, 6th MatchRPIS, Colombo (Sri Lanka)
17 September 2025India Vs Sri LankaRPIS, Colombo (Sri Lanka)

FAQ About Asia Cup 2025

Where is next Asia Cup Cricket 2025 schedule?

The Asia Cup 2025 is scheduled from August 30 to September 17th. It will have a hybrid format, with four matches in Pakistan and nine matches in Sri Lanka.

Where is odi Asia Cup 2025?

As per several reports, Asia Cup 2025 is It will have a hybrid format, with four matches in Pakistan and nine matches in Sri Lanka. Earlier, it was Pakistan, who was scheduled to host the tournament four matches and srilanka host 9 match.


We are pleased to announce the schedule for the Asia Cup 2025, which is set to take place from the 30st of August to the 17th of September 2025. This tournament will showcase the skills of the top teams from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Nepal, who will engage in a thrilling series of 13 ODI matches.

The competition will adopt a hybrid format, with four matches being held in Pakistan and the remaining nine matches taking place in Sri Lanka. In the 2025 edition, there will be two groups, each containing two teams. The top two teams from each group will advance to the Super Four stage. From the Super Four stage, the two best teams will compete in the final match.

We eagerly anticipate the attendance of cricket enthusiasts from all corners of the globe to witness this magnificent celebration of the sport.


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