Ali Zafar Presents his Idea for the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 Anthem

Pakistani singer and actor Ali Zafar announced his idea for the World Cup 2023 anthem on Sunday. The main reason for this is that the official anthem of the ICC World Cup 2023 did not go well. Hence, the continuous demand of cricket fans for the anthem enchants Ali Zafar to this announcement.

In his social media posts, he replies to one of his fans, in which he declares that he will do that and considers the audience appeal. Moreover, he also describes having an interesting idea regarding the ICC World Cup anthem.

The official World Cup anthem 2023 for WWC could not get the attention and enthusiasm of cricket fans as previous anthems did. So, it’s a wonderful opportunity for Ali Zafar or other musical bands to elaborate themselves.

On Twitter, a social media app, Pakistan’s famous actor has said that anyone can become part of my idea and collaborate with me, but first watch my video in which I have mentioned all about anthem plans. This video is a brief demonstration of my thoughts.

According to Ali Zafar’s statement, anyone can give feedback on the song by tagging him and sharing his lines and video with him.

He also declares that he kept all the wishes and ideas of cricket fans in mind after summarizing the overviews and making this plan. Although the tone will be selected after consultation with fans,

Additionally, he discussed that his project not only deals with the ICC World Cup anthem but also provides an opportunity for musicians, lyricists, composers, and producers to collaborate and take to the skies of the cricket field.

The World Cup 2023 will start in the first week of October, but currently, Ali Zafar is not in Pakistan; he is in Australia. He will be back on October 7 but may release the song from there.

His presence in Australia so far casts doubt as to how he can write and release an anthem in such a short time. But if we look at the past, they released the previous Pakistan Super League (PSL) official anthem in just two days. His PSL song was a big hit all over the world, and the crowd responded very well to it.

Hence, viewers and cricket fans are eagerly waiting for the release of this anthem for the upcoming World Cup 2023.