Adelaide Strikers Grinspoon Intending Live At The Nye Presented By V Energy

Adelaide Strikers Grinspoon Intending Live At The Nye Presented By V Energy

Adelaide Strikers playing in the New Year after the Strikers’ annual New Year’s Eve, are extremely excited and delighted to announce that Grinspoon will be taking to the Adelaide Oval Stage on the final night of 2023.

After the match, there will be a huge light and sound show in which V Energy will present Grinspoon’s headline performance.

Last year, V Energy was a presenting partner of Nye Show. Adelaide strikers are hustling at the top to bring them back again in 2023-24. Grinspoon and the famous singer Phil Jamieson who headlines the event are brimming with excitement and can’t wait to perform on the Adelaide Oval stage.

His heart is very eager to perform in front of a large number of people.

“It’s the biggest stadium in the world and I’m very lucky to be playing at a few sporting ovals,” Jamieson said.

“This is absolutely fantastic and I can’t wait for the new year’ occasion “It’s a great feeling to play in front of so many people and I’m hoping that the Strikers will win and everyone is very excited about it.

I like cricket a lot, have done  for many years and my favorite player from Strikers is Travis Head.

SACA Chief Commercial Officer Phil King said that The organization is delighted to have both V Energy and Grinspoon join the Striker’s biggest event this New Year.

King also said Greenspoon will add more color and brightness to Adelaide Oval in the New Year, adding that we can’t wait to get to the stage as the calendar Year begins which will be a wonderful way.

We are truly delighted to welcome V Energy as a presenting partner this New Year’s Eve and we are excited to continue our partnership.

Official Tweet of Grinspoon:

Let’s take a look at his official tweet where he expressed his excitement about playing at such a big sporting ground.

“We don’t like cricket…. WE LOVE IT! GSPN are absolutely thrilled to be playing at the GREATEST SPORTING GROUND in the world on NYE … see you there!’’


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