Across The Line in Cricket, What is it? A Complete Guide

Across the line in cricket is a term that is basically a variation in the shot of the batsman. As a beginner or newcomer to cricket, players often feel worried about the terms that are used in cricket.

There are a lot of cricket shots, and one of them is across the line. However, today is the time to discuss across the line in cricket. Now we are going to deal with this amazing term in a comprehensive way.

What Do You Mean By “Across the line”?

Across the line is a variation in shots of cricket that is used to aim square or behind square. But it demands a good grip on timing.

If the batsman does not manage time in the game, he will miss the cricket ball to play. So the management of time is very important. Consequently, across-the-line shots in cricket demand excellent timing. Basically, the shot in which the ball moves lateral to the direction of motion of the ball is called across the line. 

Moreover, if the shot is mistimed, there are more chances of the wicketkeeper catching the ball.

So be careful and conscious of the time when you are trying to attempt an “across the line” shot. 

Purpose of the Across-The-Line Shot

If you have excellent timing to play the shot, then the across-the-line shot is for you. There is some importance and purpose of this 

  • The across-the-line technique is used when the batsman is aiming for the square or behind the square. But it proves beneficial when you have a grip on timing. 
  • The bowler who always bowls is in tight line in the game. So it is a method to deal with that bowler. Across-the-line techniques are beneficial for this.
  • It increases the chance of winning in the sport of cricket.  
  • Moreover, it is perfect for slog-overs and death-overs. He can hit aggressively and get runs. 

Needs for Use of Across-The-Line Technique 

The top need for using this technique is your confidence. If you are confident and willing, then there is no chance of making a mistake. You can easily make runs in the game. Further, you should have some strategies for playing shots. 

Moreover, eye coordination is a vital thing. The batsman must have the ability to manage time. However, the strength of the batsman also matters. The batsman should have a grip on the body movements. 

For this, he can train himself through proper practice and hiring a good coach who explains all the cricket shots with explanation or the best methods. 



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