ICC Men’s Test Team Rankings 2023 Latest Updates

India’s men’s cricket team regained the top spot in the ICC Men’s Test Rankings 2023 according to the official July 31, 2023 update.

The International Cricket Council’s worldwide rankings system for the 12 teams that compete in Test cricket is named the ICC Men’s Test Team Rankings (formerly known as the ICC Test Championship) (though Afghanistan and Ireland are not currently ranked as they have not played enough matches recently).

Without taking into account home or away status, the rankings are based on international contests that would otherwise be played as part of the regular Test cricket schedule.

The two teams involved in each Test series are awarded points based on a mathematical formula that takes into account both teams’ prior ratings and the series’ outcome.

To determine a team’s “rating,” the sum of its points from games played over the previous three to four years is divided by a number depending on the total number of games and series it has played.

Top 10 ICC Men’s Test Team Rankings 2023 All Time

2 Australia303,534118
3 England434,941115
4 South Africa212,182104
5 New Zealand232,291100
6 Pakistan252,30492
7 Sri Lanka272,12379
8 West Indies282,15477
9 Bangladesh1987346
10 Zimbabwe722332

Frequently Asked Questions About ICC Team Ranking

Who is the No. 1 team in Test cricket?

India is at the top of the list in the ICC Men’s Test Team Rankings for 2023. He played 29 matches, and he has 3,434 points, or a 118 rating.