ICC Men’s ODI Team Rankings 2023 Latest Updates

India men’s cricket team regained the top spot in the ICC Men’s ODI rankings 2023 according to the official Nov 22, 2023 update.

The International Cricket Council’s (ICC) Men’s ODI Team Rankings, formerly known as the ICC ODI Championship, is a method for ranking international One Day International (ODI) cricket teams.

The two teams engaged in each ODI match are awarded points based on a formula following the game.

All the teams are ranked in a table according to their ratings after dividing their combined point totals by the total number of matches they have played.

The points for winning an ODI match are always higher than the team’s rating, raising the rating, and the points for losing an ODI match are always lower than the rating, lowering the rating, using the analogy of cricket batting averages.

In a battle between two teams with different ratings, the lower-rated team will win and the higher-rated team will lose.

Top 10 ICC ODI Team Rankings 2023

2 Australia424,926117
3 South Africa343,750110
4 Pakistan363,922109
5 New Zealand434,399102
6 England383,77799
7 Sri Lanka474,13488
8 Bangladesh443,83687
9 Afghanistan302,53384
10 West Indies382,58268
11 Zimbabwe301,64155
12 Scotland331,66250
13 Ireland251,08643
14 Netherlands371,50741
15 Nepal421,44634
16 Namibia2881329
17 United States3180826
18 Oman2452522
19 UAE4161715

Frequently Asked Questions About ICC Team Ranking

Who is the No. 1 ICC men’s ODI team ranking in 2023?

The No. 1 ICC Men’s ODI team ranking in 2023 is India, as of Nov 22 , 2023.
India has a rating of 121 from 55 weighted matches. The next team in the rankings is Australia, with a rating of 117. India has been in impressive form in recent years, and their rise to the top of the rankings is a testament to their hard work and dedication.

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